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Tuberculosis ... Multi Drug Resistant Tuberculosis ... eXtremely Drug Resistant TuBerculosis

5 SEPTEMBER 2006 | GENEVA -- The World Health Organization (WHO) has expressed concern over the emergence of virulent drug-resistant strains of tuberculosis (TB) and is calling for measures to be strengthened and implemented to prevent the global spread of the deadly TB strains. This follows research showing the extent of XDR-TB, a newly identified TB threat which leaves patients (including many people living with HIV) virtually untreatable using currently available anti-TB drugs.

MDR-TB (Multidrug Resistant TB) describes strains of tuberculosis that are resistant to at least the two main first-line TB drugs - isoniazid and rifampicin (20% of all cases fall into this classification, according to wikipedia)

XDR-TB, or Extensive Drug Resistant TB (also referred to as Extreme Drug Resistance) is MDR-TB that is also resistant to three or more of the six classes of second-line drugs. (2% of all cases fall into this classification, according to wikipedia) Experts in the field seem to feel that XDR-TB can only exist in conjunction with an HIV infection. As an additional "aside", some AIDS researchers appear convinced that HIV only becomes AIDS when a patient is also infected with a mycobacterium (such as TB) or a Mycoplasma. (TB-HIV is a name previously used in conjunction with the condition currently known as XDR-TB. Disease names are regularly "voted on" by international panels of health care professionals to assure a "benchmark" standard and enhance accurate communication within the healthcare profession.)

According to WHO (World Health Organization ...part of the UN), a survey conducted by WHO and CDC (Center for Disease Control ... a US organization) on data from 2000-2004 found that XDR-TB has been identified in all regions of the world but is most frequent in the countries of the former Soviet Union and in Asia.

Drug resistant TB is particularly lethal in populations already infected with HIV. As an example, the WHO cites an outbreak of MDR TB in Kwazulu-Natal  (South Africa) among HIV positive victims. 544 patients were studied, all were HIV positive, 221 had MDR-TB, of those 53 had XDR-TB. 52 of the 53 HIV positive persons contracting XDR-TB died of that condition even though they had the benefit (?) of anti-retroviral drugs. (colloidal silver, a historic remedy for TB, and a specific patented form of Colloidal Silver demonstrating the ability to kill Mycobacterium Tuberculosis does not appear to have been used.)

The WHO attributes the existence of  XDR-TB to poor TB care characterized by: incorrect prescriptions, poor quality drugs, erratic supply of drugs, patient non-adherence.

The WHO does not assign any weight to the effects of immunosuppressive drugs, substance abuse, widespread over use of antibiotics in both humans and feed animals, or the presence of ampicillin resistance genes (used as marker genes by Monsanto) in animal and human food. These drug resistance genes have been shown to "transfer" from food to "friendly gut flora" to pathogenic flora and fauna (disease causing bacteria and viruses). The author believes that all the factors listed in this paragraph are significant contributors to the growth and spread of antibiotic resistant pathogens. Of course, assigning responsibility for these problems to a major corporation will require dealing with that corporation's lawyers, and no individual wins that type of fight.

Further, I believe it is reasonable to presume that the problem both in scope (number of antibiotic resistant pathogens) and magnitude (percentage of the population infected with these pathogens ... to a point of incapacitating illness or death) is worsening rapidly.

WHO Emergence of XDR-TB

Tuberculosis (abbreviated as TB for Tubercle Bacillus) is a common and deadly infectious disease that is caused by mycobacteria, primarily Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

Mycobacteria have no distinct exterior cell wall. This is both a distinguishing characteristic and an enabling mechanism allowing mycobacteria to invade other living healthy cells.

Persons who have TB that has BECOME  "ASYMPTOMATIC" or that has gone into "REMISSION", will often show "spots" on lung x-rays.

These spots are tuberculosis bacteria contained within calcium capsules the host body has formed for containment.

The encapsulated mycobacteria remain live, but dormant, until released from the capsule. The exact length of time that a dormant tuberculosis bacteria can remain alive and infectious is unknown.

Tuberculosis is transmitted by airborne droplets of saliva from infected persons, and presumably by contact with infected bodily fluids. Because the bacteria replicates very slowly, the concentration of bacteria in saliva and other bodily fluids may remain relatively low for prolonged periods.

During and subsequent to WWII, observers concluded that cyst encased tuberculosis "spores" were contained in some coal deposits, and that those spores could survive the temperatures or "atmospheric" coal fires. Exposure to smoke from atmospheric coal fires, particularly in winter when the body is most susceptible to disease, was linked (anecdotally) to incidence of tuberculosis.

The fact that modern countries use a different type of combustion process when firing coal fueled furnaces or coal fired electrical generation plants, along with sophisticated "smokestack exhaust scrubbers", may be a large factor in the reduction of the incidence of TB. (WHO assigns no credence to this notion)

Tuberculosis is also known as:

Tuberculosis is a systemic disease, most commonly manifesting as  pulmonary TB, which shows symptoms primarily in the lungs.

TB, of any sort, also affects, to a greater or lesser degree the:

According to wikipedia , over one-third of the world's population now has the TB bacterium in their bodies and new infections are occurring at a rate of one per second. Not everyone who is infected develops the disease. Asymptomatic (it's there but symptoms are not readily apparent) latent TB infection is most common.

One in ten (10%) latent infections will progress to active TB  which, untreated, kills more than half of its victims.

In 2004:

Tuberculosis Symptoms

Further information: Tuberculosis classification

In the patients where TB becomes an active disease, 75% of these cases affect the lungs, where the disease is called pulmonary TB. Symptoms include a productive, prolonged cough of more than three weeks duration, chest pain and coughing up blood. Systemic symptoms include fever, chills, night sweats, appetite loss, weight loss and paling, and those afflicted are often easily fatigued.

When the infection spreads out of the lungs, extrapulmonary sites include the pleura, central nervous system in meningitis, lymphatic system in scrofula of the neck, genitourinary system in urogenital tuberculosis, and bones and joints in Pott's disease of the spine.

An especially serious form is disseminated, or miliary tuberculosis.

Extrapulmonary forms are more common in immunosuppressed persons and in young children. Infectious pulmonary TB may co-exist with extrapulmonary TB, which is not contagious.


TB is regularly treated with antibiotics, and ... in the more contagious cases ... isolation.

TB, in any form, is a dangerous disease that should be the subject of  professional diagnosis and associated professional care.

A person with diagnosed TB, might find it worth the effort to bring the patent documentation from US Patent #7,135,195 to the attention of his/her physician. This patent makes claims, which they assert are supported by scientific evidence, that colloidal silver is effective against Tuberculosis bacteria. Their claims, of course, only apply to the specific form of colloidal silver that they manufacture. Colloidal silver manufactured by other methods may have a similar or different effect upon the tuberculosis bacteria. Their patent data applies to their product, ONLY!


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