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"Power on Board"brand Inverter

Only $24.95 including S&H

This is a compact dependable source of 110vac power, suitable for running ... or recharging ... small computers, cell phones, portable music devices, a small tv, or your colloidal silver generator.

The power actually comes from your automotive electrical system. This inverter just steps up the voltage and creates an "ac" power source, compatible with most small appliances. In fact, many people use them on a regular basis for "auxiliary" power in the family CAR, TRUCK, or RV.

We have tested this model of "inverter" with our equipment, including the USP & USP II. It will provide satisfactory voltage, ampacity, and pulse to operate any AC powered generator we sell. NOTE: This Model is not satisfactory for nebulizer operations!

Don't be caught in an emergency without power for your survival equipment when you need it most.

The manufacturer's Two Year Warranty Applies. All items are new and the manufacturer stands behind their product.

This item is made in China

The Price Includes Shipping And Handling. We do not ship to Colorado Addresses, so ... Sales Taxes, if applicable, are a matter between you and your home state.

Only $24.95 each, including Shipping and Handling.




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