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  •  Bio Terrorism Secrets for Survival (Quality Press edition ... a $19.95 value),
  • The Virus & Mycoplasma Report  ...  28 pages of invaluable knowledge, research and references ( a $7.00 value)
  • Cooking with Colloidal Silver ... (5 pages of tips & tricks for using colloidal silver to enhance your health, plus 5 pages of simple tasty recipes that really work ... A Silver Bullet Enterprises exclusive...available with a  purchase only),
  • Diabetes, a working theory (10 pages of information many diabetics find invaluable ... A Silver Bullet Enterprises exclusive ... available with a  purchase only),
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 At least one of our competitors makes fun of our generator because it has two boxes connected by a flexible plastic tube and electrical wire.

We could have put everything in "One Box", but decided against it for the following reasons:

  1. Pumps vibrate. That's their nature. We wanted the pump in a container on the counter, not sitting on top of a quart jar full of water in a possibly unstable manner, amplifying the potential for spillage or tipping.

  2. 110vac is potentially dangerous around water. We kept the potentially hazardous voltage away from the container full of water. The only power we place in close proximity to water is safe low voltage, low ampacity electricity.

Because we're concerned about the proper operation of our equipment, we incorporated solid state voltage regulation in the (usp) system to avoid minor (or maybe not minor) deviations in the process due to local voltage fluctuations. Our competitors don't do this.

We  went even further and spent the time and effort to design our equipment to accommodate either 12 or 14 gage electrodes, providing our customers with  maximum operational flexibility.

While our design costs more to construct, the two box system only adds 10 seconds or so to the "set up", which we feel is a small price to pay for the enhanced safety it provides.

The ULTRA SMALL PARTICLE CS GENERATOR  is our newest type of colloidal silver generator. First introduced to the public in early 2002, this unit revolutionized the home user's ability to safely generate Colloidal Silver that is effective against Viruses & Mycoplasma. This unique CS generator is designed using known physical and engineering principles, that were previously ignored by our industry. Others have begun to imitate our designs, though badly (one of our competitors goes so far as to cite "results" and publish "testimonials" from our customers as if the results were obtained using his equipment).  The unit operates on household current, but uses "process voltage" (at the electrode) of less than 7 volts DC. The positively charged particles produced using this generator are so small (
from less than 1 nanometer to 6 nanometers) that they are undetectable with a laser pointer. Their existence is, however, readily detectable electrically, and if you are the sort to taste things, they leave a distinctive taste in the mouth. The particles created by this generator are electrically and chemically active, and therefore they begin to agglomerate (clump together) relatively quickly, and long term storage is counter productive.  (storage for one to two months is ok, planning on keeping it for years is just silly.) USP COLLOIDAL SILVER, GENERAL INFORMATION

This revolutionary generator incorporates a "bubbler" (a necessity for forming a solution containing mostly "ions") and a two step voltage regulation process. The "two step" voltage regulation process is important because it keeps all the line voltage components away from everything wet, and it virtually eliminates any effect "regional variations" of voltage or "cycle rate" might have on the generation process.. The unit makes a one quart batch of CS per use, and due to the low "process  voltage" and user friendly design, is easy and safe to operate.
This generator comes with complete instructions, Colloidal Silver usage Precautions, Mycoplasma Virus Report, a complimentary copy of Bio-terrorism Secrets For Survival,  "Cooking With Colloidal Silver"... a collection of tips, tricks and recipes that actually work, timer, one set of silver electrodes, a scrubber pad and carrying case.  

You will need to provide a quart jar and distilled water. The unit has been designed for use with commercially distilled water, such as the stuff available from KROGER, SAFEWAY, ETC.

As neat as it is, the USP Generator was never intended to replace your "conventional Colloidal Silver" generator…(to replace your conventional cs generator with the best you can get...USP II)

The primary motivation for developing a "USP" generator is that "conventional Colloidal Silver" does not work well against viral and mycoplasmal pathogens. Conventional colloidal silver, as you know, is highly effective against bacterial pathogens, everywhere, and viral pathogens in test tubes.

However, due to particle size (and the fact that Pure Silver will not dissolve in stomach acid), conventional colloidal silver, when ingested as a mineral supplement, confines most of its' action to the Gastro Intestinal Tract, where it works well against bacterial or fungal pathogens. Smaller "stealth" pathogens are usually unaffected by "conventional Colloidal Silver"  because these critters can get into places where conventional colloidal silver particles will never reach.

The particles generated by the USP Colloidal Silver generator (.23 namometer to 6 nanometer"...1000 nanometers = 1 micron) seem to solve this problem even though USP colloidal silver reaches saturation at about 3 ppm silver (ppm is a measurement/proportion by weight) as opposed to 5 to 40 ppm in conventional colloidal silver.

In fact, researchers in a joint project between the University of Texas, Austin and Mexico Univeristy, Nuevo Leon, have demonstrated that, silver nanoparticles of sizes 1-10nm attached to HIV-1 and prevented the virus from bonding to host cells. The study is published in the Journal of Nanotechnology. (This may, in part, explain some of the anecdotes we hear from our customers) These same Scientists are also testing against other viruses and the 'super bug (Methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus).' ... We can say definitively that Colloidal Silver, in test tubes, will inhibit replication and kill  anti-biotic resistant staphylococcus aureus, because we have sponsored such a test and have seen the results.

USP CS is a term we use to describe the colloidal silver generated using our USP or USP II generator. This electro colloidal silver, according to lab tests, is roughly 3ppm silver by weight, and has roughly 1ppm of that silver as discrete particles ranging in size from .25nm to 6nm. [1000 nm =1micrometer] Roughly 2 ppm of the silver weight is contained as "silver sols" [dissolved silver] and highly "bio-available".

The particles generated by the USP generator are so small that they appear effective against pathogens, including some common viruses, both within and outside the Gastro Intestinal tract. At least, that is what we have concluded from customer and user comments.

Customers tell us they have seen colds, flu, herpes, and other viral based conditions "go away" with amazing rapidity when using USP CS.
For Example:


Our customers talking about results they have gotten using the equipment they bought from us!

(Real people tell us these things, but we have no actual PROOF that might be acceptable to your Doctor or the FDA ... we offer this information as it came to us ... you be the judge.)

  • Bedsores (Julie, Denver, CO 2007) My father was confined to the hospital with terminal cancer. He developed painful bed sores, making the entire experience even more excruciating. When it became apparent that the hospital staff was unable to do or give my father anything to provide relief, I began spraying his bedsores with conventional CS every evening. He experienced pain relief almost immediately, and the bed sores were healing nicely within three days. He is now deceased, but I helped make his final days more comfortable.
  • Fish Tank Care ... 3-15-2008 (Nancy B, Reno, NV) One of my neighbors was having a problem with her tropical fish. They were just "sickley", with irregular de-scaling . We don't know the cause, but adjusting tank "ph", etc had no effect. She added some (undefined quantity) USP silver  to the tank and the problem "went away". Her mother had an angel fish that was found swimming on its' side. She added a "glug" of USP CS to the tank, snd within an hour the fish was swimming and acting normally.
  • Flu & Colds [SC, Colorado] 2001 flu season…three cases, one male..20's, one female 50's, one male 50's…4oz three times daily, symptoms gone within two days…all three cases.
  • AVIAN BIRD FLU (H5N1)We don't actually know that USP cs will be effective against Avian Bird Flu. We think it will, but since none of our customers has had an opportunity to "put it to the test", our best guess is just that, A GUESS!
  • Hemorrhoids ... 2-25-2011 (David ... Birmingham, AL) "Fyi, I have hemorrhoids or an anal fissure or something that causes me to bleed from that area.  After 3 doses of USP, some clear fluid came out my anus (like the abscess was draining). Since then,  I don't bleed anymore from that area.  I have been bleeding down there for a long long time.  The clear fluid was completely clear and did not smell at all.  Got all over my boxer shorts and then quit.  Very strange but good."
  • HEPATITIS C ... (JC, Alabama) 2007 ... We have a neighbor, living just across the street who developed hepatitis C. After he was discharged from the hospital last year, as "incurable", and near death, he decided to try some "small particle" Colloidal Silver. His condition began to improve almost immediately. He is now in complete remission. Shortly after that, (probably because we bragged) one of the ladies in our church, who was also diagnosed with incurable hepatitis C , decided to try the "small particle" Colloidal Silver. When her physician noted the improvement in her health, he told her "Don't Stop whatever it is that you are doing"! She is now in complete "remission" also. (JC did not relate a dosage to me, but I assume it was probably about 12 oz daily, divided into three or more doses.  Hep C is dangerous, and can be fatal. Do not attempt to treat it without the advice and assistance of a medical professional! )
  • HIV (EW, AK, 2003) Three members of my congregation tested HIV positive, one had full blown AIDS. I gave them USP cs, 12oz. per day, in three divided doses. What could it hurt?  Within 30 days, all three of them tested "negative for HIV". editor's comments: As of June 2005, I was told that all three still test "negative for HIV ". Bear in mind, one successful incident does not meet the requirements for a "treatment protocol", and this evidence is "anecdotal", which means it is "unproven". (labrotory HIV data)
  • Iatrogenic Infection [hospital acquired] (Steve Barwick [aka S. Spenser Jones], CA)  After gall stone removal surgery in mid-December 2001, and follow up surgery a week later to remove gallstones lodged in the common bile duct (overlooked by the surgeon), Steve ended up with an extremely serious iatrogenic (i.e., hospital-acquired) infection in his intestinal tract.  The result of this infection was an acute case of diarrhea that had the intensity of dysentery. Three courses of anti-biotics (including cipro), one course of Olive Leaf, one course of Grapefruit Seed extract and copious amounts of conventional CS later, Steve was 35 lbs lighter and beginning to fear death. In early April Steve got word that the USP Colloidal Silver Generator was ready for testing. He began making the ultra-small particle size colloidal silver in quart-sized batches, and taking four ounce doses, three times daily (12oz in three 4oz doses).  By the second day the diarrhea was largely abated, and the stomach cramps nearly gone.  Within four days the level of infection appeared to have abated.  In under a week his appetite returned to normal and he was able to eat his first full meal without pain in over four and a half months! Although his symptoms had subsided, Steve continued the treatment for 22 days, just to be sure. The infection reportedly has not returned. At the time of this occurrence, Steve was associated with Silver Bullet Enterprises, an affiliation that has ended.
  • Lyme Disease (George O', New Jersey...2004) "paraphrased phone conversation" One of my friends had a teen aged son with Lyme Disease. The boy was mis diagnosed for over a year, with no resolution of the problem and increasing levels of mental and physical deteoriation. When the Lyme Disease diagnosis came in (following many "bad guesses" & thousands of dollars of "useless treatments") his mother decided to try "something...anything ...else". We gave the boy USP cs...4 oz, 3x daily . Relief of symptoms began to show within 4 days. They continued the dosage for 14 days, following up with "Wobezyne" enzymes (to clear residual toxins) and "far infra red" sauna treatments to further eliminate toxins and speed muscular healing. The boy is back in school, with minor residual physical and mental problems.
  • Lymphatic Cancer (Barbara G… Georgetown, TX) Barbara called us in a panic. She had a CS generator, but not one of the new USP units. Her husband had been diagnosed with Lymphatic Cancer. He had taken the "Chemotherapy", which resulted in heart problems but no remission of the cancer. His Doctor had just removed him from "Chemo" (which Barbara’s husband was no longer strong enough to endure) and sent him home to die. At this point his life expectancy (per his Dr.) was less than a month. Having nothing left to loose, they decided to try "alternative methods" of dealing with the problem. They began a program of treatment consisting of 12oz USP CS (daily) divided into 3 equal doses, conventional CS instead of underarm deodorant, and "Essiac Tea". That was fourteen weeks ago. As of 7/21/04, Barbara’s husband is getting better and growing stronger every day,. No longer bed-ridden, he works in his garden daily. He just went in for a "full body scan", and Barbara tells us she expects a report that the cancer (clearly in some form of remission, at the very least) is gone. Cancer Link
  • Prostate Cancer (Floyd J. Colorado Springs, CO) "paraphrased phone conversation" July 5, 2005 my dad (age 80) lost his ability to urinate due to a blockage caused by a swolen prostate.  He went to the hospital, where they inserted a catheter and proceeded to biopsy the prostate and take numerous tests. The diagnosis was cancer. Dad's PSA measured 76 at that time. His physician removed the catheter, cleaned out the urinary tract (making it so dad could urinate) and sent dad home. (I then convinced him to move to my house so I could take care of him) Dad's Doctor told him that at his age, and in his condition, surgery was ill advised. Hormone treatments were described as the method of choice. Dad declined hormone therapy (to put it mildly). My sister has a USP generator, and she began making USP cs for Dad. On Aug 11, dad began taking 12 oz in three divided doses daily, together with "pro-cal", "Milk Thistle", Vitamin E & Selenium, and distilled water. His prostate began to reduce in size almost immediately. On Sept 30, 2005 his PSA measured 21 (a drop of 55 points). On October 30, 2005 the PSA had dropped to 19....but, Dad had begun to have some muscle spasms ... at that point we lowered the amount of USP he was taking, and increased the distilled water. The spasms  have passed, and he is approaching the 66 day "break" (when he will stop taking USP in order for his body to re-balance itself). We have discussed the use of USP cs thoroughly with dad's oncologist. He knows what we are doing, and agrees that it appears to be a "good plan". We (Barb, dad & I) wanted to share this information because it is really important to us and maybe to others as well. Cancer Link
  • Shingles (Richard C., New Jersey)  "paraphrased phone conversation"  I had a terribly painful case of shingles that had not given me a day's peace in over two years.  I began taking USP cs, 4 oz. three times per day. The tenth day of use was the first "PAIN FREE" day I've had in over two years.

  • Flesh eating staph (John S., Vernal UT) note: John is one of the elders in his LDS Ward ... One of the members of my ward suffered an injury that took him to the hospital. While he was there, he contracted a case of flesh eating staph. The hospital, unable to treat or control the disease with which they had caused him to become infected, sent him home to die. (the staph appears to have been a multi drug resistant strain, because the hospital staff clearly attempted to control it with the conventional antibiotics available to them ..ed) His wife called me (LDS ward elders provide spiritual, emotional, and physical assistance ... including money, food, etc., to members of the ward, according to their needs) for assistance. He had lost significant portions of one leg, arm, and shoulder to the disease. Lifetime disability was a given, death appeared probable. John bathed his wounds with Conventional cs, and he began drinking USP cs. The appearance of improvement was immediate. The progress of the disease had completely stopped within 3 days. He has now reached maximum recovery. He is permanently crippled and disfigured, but he is also alive.

  • Tumors (Carol M. of Oklahoma) Carol's daughter had two large tumors, one on her uterus and one on her abdomen.  The tumor on her daughter's uterus was about the size of a grapefruit, while the tumor on the abdomen was nearly the size of cantaloupe. The abdominal tumor literally made her young daughter look pregnant.  Their doctor scheduled the young girl for surgery, which he had postponed (repeatedly). Carol told us that while waiting for the surgery date, she began giving her daughter the ultra small particle sized colloidal silver.  She did so for a period of about 14 days, at a daily dosage level of 12 ounces in three divided doses.  In that short time, Carol's daughter suddenly began to experience dramatic weight loss.  She lost 10 pounds the first week, and 12 pounds the second week.  Her tumors decreased dramatically in size. By the time they returned to the Doctor the tumor on the uterus was no longer detectable with the naked eye. The huge, cantaloupe-sized tumor on the abdomen had shrunken to about the size of a prune.  According to Carol, the doctor said he'd never seen such an occurrence, nor had he ever heard of ultra small particle size colloidal silver. The Doctor took Carol aside in his office and stated emphatically, "I really don't know anything about what you are doing, but for God's sake don't stop."  The doctor later told Carol he was grateful for the 'spontaneous remission,' because he had feared that removing such a large tumerous mass could have resulted in her daughter's death.  Carol was, understandably unwilling to go to Alaska without a USP, and was unwilling to take the original unit away from her daughter.  Carol did not share the "source" of the tumors with us, so we have no way of knowing whether they were cancerous or not. Cancer Link

  • Tumors...(Jan V Colorado) November 2006 ... Jan is a lady in her early 60's, who was diagnosed with uterine tumors, possibly cancerous. Since a "Needle Biopsy" involves additional risk of spreading any form of cancer, Jan and her physician elected to forgo such tests, and rather than take any unnecessary chances, scheduled a hysterectomy. Jan also began a taking 1 qt of usp nano-particle cs daily, for the 20 days or so that she waited for the operation. The results of lab tests on the tissue that had been removed showed no trace of any tumors, whatsoever.

  • West Nile...self diagnosed.. (LMC, Weld County, CO) Summer 2003...My husband and I both came down with something, about three days after we were bitten by mosquitos. Symptoms included fever, vomiting, extreme vertigo (my husband collapsed in the kitchen...just went down like a sack of spuds) and severe muscle aches. We both took USP colloidal silver, 12 oz daily, in divided doses. Symptoms were alleviated within three (3) days for me, and four (4) days for my husband. We both took the USP CS for 14 days after symptoms went away. We never bothered to get a "formal diagnosis" ...why spend the money?
  • West Nile ...Physician Diagnosed ... (Reno, NV) Summer 2004 ... Three Cases ... All three patients were spouses of cancer victims, who had come to Reno for specialized care unavailable in their home towns. All patients had suffered from "West Nile" for a period of time exceeding 18 months, and had been treated with "conventional anti-biotics" to no avail. The "West Nile" was hanging on and becoming increasingly problematic. Treatment, with USP CS , (4oz, 3 times daily, for a period of 24 days), resulted in a relief of symptoms on the fourth day, with no reported recurrence of symptoms.
  • West Nile ... Horses ... (Vernal, UT) ... Three Horses, two adults, one colt, diagnosed by the veterinarian with "West Nile Virus". All cases deemed (by the veterinarian) to be terminal. Treatment ... 1 pint USP cs, morning and evening, administered using a funnel attached to a rubber tube inserted into the stomach. RESULTS ...ALL THREE ANIMALS total relief of symptoms within ten (10) days ... no report of recurring symptoms. editor's note: I advise extreme caution using this type of treatment.  In fact, I would not even attempt to use it without a "professional" in attendance. The "rubber hose" must be inserted through the horse's nose, down the throat and into the stomach. If the hose entered the lung instead of the stomach, you could easily kill your horse. Further, the reader should bear in mind, one successful incident does not meet the requirements for a "treatment protocol", and this evidence is "anecdotal", which means it is "unproven"

As I said before, "As neat as it is, the USP Generator was never intended to replace your "conventional Colloidal Silver" generator."
The tiny particles generated by our USP generator work great when we are dealing with viruses and mycoplasmal pathogens. However, the "conventional Colloidal Silver" particles work best when we are dealing with bacteria and larger pathogens…It's kind of like HUNTING…Pick the proper size of ammo for the prey you want to kill. (we have noticed that the USP colloidal silver, while it does work against anti-biotic resistant staph…in the laboratory…it doesn't work AS WELL against that bacterial pathogen as Conventional Colloidal Silver does.)

If you are using a commercially prepared "Ionic Silver" product, you may find this generator is just what you are looking for. The results you get should be comparable or better, and your savings will be amazing.

If you find that the conventional Colloidal Silver you are using isn't getting the job done, then you may need a source of "ionic silver". That is, positively charged silver ions in water. The particle size is so small that silver ions will readily get into places conventional silver particles can never reach. Until now, the technology for generating ionic silver has been outside the reach of most home users.  Commercially produced "ionic Silver" works well, and is priced accordingly. Now you can make your own, at home, at about the same cost as conventional "home made" colloidal silver.


BEWARE OF IMITATIONS! Other manufacturers, who claim that their units perform the same function as the USP cs generator, have not bothered with developing equally sophisticated electronics. When we tested other manufacturer's units, the results were far less than comparable to the Silver Bullet Enterprises' USP generator series.

  The ULTRA SMALL PARTICLE CS GENERATOR is priced at $334.95 + $12.50 s&h. (Colorado residents should call 970-545-2360 before attempting to make a purchase). Absolutely no exchanges or trade-ins  accepted

This offering presents a unique opportunity for the alternative health conscious individual.


Free S&H on this item is an offer made exclusively to our internet customers ... all others pay $12.50 S&H on this item.

Ultra Small Particle Generator $334.95 + $12.50 S&H      

$334.95  On Sale 287.45  plus S&H



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Replacement sets of the pure .9999 fine (or better)  gauge silver rod , in either 12 or 14 gage are available inexpensively from our company. Prices change, so click the above link to see the current price.

Silver ships separately from other items. Shipping is charged on the first silver item and is intended to include the cost of shipping all silver items in a single package. If shopping cart bills you in a fashion other than this, contact us and we will adjust pricing to reflect this policy.

We have designed all our Colloidal Silver generators to be electrically compatible with both 14 gage and 12 gage silver rods.

We supply new generators with 14 gage rods, but 12 gage rods work also, and fit any of our generators [including the USP (1108) or USP II (1109)] without modification.

The 12 gage silver rods are heavier, but many of our customers already own colloidal silver generators originally supplied with 14 gage wire, and they have  purchased extra rod "just in case".

We went to the effort and expense of designing our nano-particle generators to work with the silver rod they already have on hand.

Our Full, Money-Back Guarantee and One-Year Warranty

All of our Home Colloidal Silver Generators come with a full 30-day money back guarantee of complete satisfaction. Each generator is fully warranted against defects in parts and workmanship for one full year.  we never sell any "used" or "refurbished equipment". That means we can take no trade-ins, and we refuse  refunds on units that have had the "safety seals" disturbed

Why Buy a New USP CS Generator?

1. The particle range is tighter and the particle range is smaller than any conventional CS generator.
2. Smaller particles get into places larger particles will not reach.
3. Physical contact between particles and pathogens is required for beneficial effects.


Silver, Ag, is the 47th element in the periodic table. In color, silver is white & lustrous. The density of silver is 10.5 g/cc. Silver melts at 952 degrees C, and boils at 2163 degrees C.  Silver has a hardness rated between 2.5 and 2.7, and is therefore one of the most malleable of all metals. In fluids, silver can exist in four basic forms - as a compound, a neutral particle (as in ground silver), a negatively charged particle, and a positively charged ion. Silver contained within plant sources, as part of the normal complement of organic minerals, is usually in the positively charged ionic form.
Silver salts are used extensively in photography. Various silver alloys are used for jewelry. Sterling Silver is used for high class tableware and eating utensils. Silver is an excellent conductor of both heat and electricity making it a key component in many electrical applications. Up until the late 1930's, silver compounds were widely used in medicinal applications. (Silver compounds have largely been supplanted by penicillin [and similar] drugs [FDA approved] for the purposes of conventional medicine.) Persons interested in alternative medicinal treatments, however, have widely adopted Colloidal Silver and other Silver compounds for a number of healing uses. They appear to focus largely on a belief that "no Virus or Bacteria has ever mutated to become immune to silver". While this MAY be true, it may only be an impression formed by insufficient research. The FDA does not approve medicinal uses for colloidal silver.

Colloidal Silver is a suspension of silver particles in water. The product normally referred to as "Colloidal Silver" usually contains a range of particle sizes. This range may include  everything from "ions" (approximately .00025 microns) to suspended particles of 10 microns or larger. These particles are normally microscopic and will cause a change in color toward yellow, as the particle size reaches 0.2 to 0.7 um. In conventional CS suspensions, even though there may be a number of particles in the lower size range, the majority of silver is contained within the larger particles. Colloidal Silver products that contain macroscopic particles (individual particles that are visible using the unaided eye) are problematic, at best. "Strength" of these suspensions is customarily measured as ppm (parts per million), a measurement by weight.
Anyone who has done the most rudimentary research on the subject of colloidal silver has discovered that colloidal silver has demonstrated properties as a biocidal agent with  anti-microbal characteristics in laboratory studies.
These characteristics seem to be based on a reaction between the "oxygen transfer mechanism (an enzyme) in the outer cell wall of many pathogenic viruses & bacteria, and silver. Silver contact apparently de-activates the enzyme, causing the pathogen to suffocate.

USP colloidal silver is a silver colloid (or solution, depending upon the definition in use) generated using methods focused upon delivering silver particles ranging from .00025 micron (Positively charged silver ions) to .006 micron in diameter. The solution will be clear with a slight bitter taste.        Clarity is the result of particle size so small that light is not noticeably affected by particle presence.In fact, the size is so small that detection and size determination using an electron microscope is difficult. Silver, in ionic form, is present to some extent in vegetation, including edible plants. Due to this fact, the human anatomy has historically contained a small amount of silver within the tissues and bodily fluids. (similar to the USP colloidal silver) The current condition of our agriculture suggests that silver, along with many other minerals is (or could be) in short supply from dietary sources.

COLLOIDAL SILVER GENERATION AND USAGE                                                  Colloidal silver can be electrically generated, at home, using relatively in-expensive equipment. Even so, there are some problems inherent with the process. The particle size and density (ppm) of the colloidal silver may vary due to conditions outside the control of the operator. These conditions include (but are not limited to) fluctuations in the earth's magnetic field, quality of the distilled water, minor impurities in the silver, etc. The impact of variables can be minimized with good equipment. Generators utilizing the proper balance of voltage & amperage to "wetted electrode surface", and/or "microprocessor controlled systems" seem to provide the best results. Even the most  consistent commercial systems are subject to some uncontrollable variations.
"Uncontrollables" essentially dictate a variance in the "specifications" of the colloidal  silver being generated, from one batch to the next.This variation, together with the biological differences encountered in people makes "exact dosages" difficult to establish. Luckily, due to the way colloidal silver appears to react with most people, "close" is generally "close enough". This concept leads virtually all colloidal silver users down the path toward "historical" uses, as opposed to "prescribed dosage". 

Many writers confidently state that "No Virus or Bacteria has ever mutated to become immune to Colloidal Silver" While this MAY BE TRUE, this statement may also be the result of insufficient research. (see:"Gibbs, Ronald J., Silver Colloids, Do They Work? Newark, DE 19711")

There is a significant difference between a living human body and a test tube. Further, there are significant differences between human and non-human living bodies (test animals).
There is no guarantee that a substance applied topically or ingested will reach the part of the body where it is needed, or that it will reach any part of the body in its' original form.
However, when dealing with pathogen control, a biocidal or anti-microbal substance only needs to be somewhat effective to provide assistance to a person's own immune system resulting in relief of symptoms. In short, a little bit of "help" may provide dramatic results when dealing with illness.
One major consideration for determining how much "help" will be available from any given substance, is the ability of that substance to reach the location where the "help is required". The smaller a particle is, the more likely it is to penetrate into "hard to reach places"

Additionally, tiny particles will widely disperse within a liquid even though there is a relatively small amount of particle mass involved. This notion implies that smaller weights of tiny particles should be more effective at pathogen control than a comparable weight of larger particles.

USP Colloidal Silver

      USP colloidal silver contains particles that are (or appear to be) mostly ions. This conclusion is borne out by the test procedure used to set up the generation process  "First we set two silver electrodes a given distance apart and took a resistance reading in distilled water. Then we ran the machine, taking measurements every 10 minutes. The results we got are as follows. The first 10 minutes the resistance dropped from the distilled water baseline. Thereafter, the resistance rose, for about 3 to 3.5 hrs (depending on the quality of distilled water) then dropped sharply. What it meansWater 'enriched' with nitrogen and carbon dioxide conducts electricity better than straight distilled water. Ions conduct electricity worse than distilled water. Silver particles and crystals conduct electricity better than ions, or distilled water. We drove ions into the distilled water until the water was saturated with ions, and when particles began to form, we stopped the generation process. We have observed the physical characteristics of the liquid, and have concluded that we have saturated the water with silver ions.  If it looks like a duck, quacks, and sits on the water, we think it is a duck. We feel no other tests are necessary, but we did have an "electron microscopy"    analysis done, which showed particles from below 1 nanometer to 6 nanometers  in size.
TO A LARGE  EXTENT, ANY USE YOU DECIDE IS APPROPRIATE FOR COLLOIDAL    SILVER, IS EXPERIMENTAL. Others may have used colloidal silver in a similar fashion, with good results, but clear clinical protocols and scientifically duplicable results are lacking.

Colloidal Silver & the FDA

An obstacle to the medicinal use of silver is the FDA. The FDA has established stringent requirements for the testing of any substance used for the treatment or prevention of disease. These protocols are intended to protect the population from the distribution of substances that may be harmful, ineffective, or harmful and ineffective. The test procedures also provide trained medical  professionals with valuable tools for risk/benefit assessment. When a specific compound is prescribed the likely result is known in advance. In practical terms, these requirements also establish a high initial cost for FDA  approval, and limit competition for approvals to companies able to "foot the bill". No drug company "board of directors" is going to approve the expenditure of millions of dollars on an "unpatentable" product, so that anyone can (without paying anything) make use of the information and research the "company" has provided to the FDA .
    Naturally occurring substances, such as colloidal silver, are not patentable. You may presume that the FDA has not issued any medicinal use "approvals" for Colloidal Silver since 1938.


      Two things are really important when it comes to the effectiveness of Colloidal Silver in regard to pathogenic viruses and bacteria.

      The first is surface area. That is, the amount of the exterior cell wall of a pathogen that comes in contact with the CS.

      The second
is particle size.

The allegory of McDonalds' Ball Room

 Imagine, if you will, a Ball Room, like the one at McDonalds, but this one is filled with basketballs.
 Then we throw in some volley balls, and some golf balls.
 Naturally, the volley balls all stay on top of the basketballs, and the golf balls all settle to the floor.
 Now we throw in some tennis balls, As each tennis ball touches either a volley bail or a golf ball, that  ball "dies"
 Most, if not all, of the Volley Balls are dead, while few if any of the golf balls are affected by the tennis balls.
 Now we throw in a handful of marbles… few if any of the volley balls are affected, but most of the golf balls are "dead".

Now just imagine:
All the basket balls represent blood cells
All the volley balls represent bacteria
All the golf balls represent viruses

Tennis balls represent average sized CS particles
Marbles represent Ultra Fine CS particles

Clearly, some sizes of particles are more effective against some types of pathogens than other sizes.
Life really is like that... sort of.

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