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          Bioterrorism Secrets For Survival

By Duncan Long

March 2003 printing

"Quality Press" publication

copyright 2000

  Bio-Terrorism Secrets For Survival $19.95 (includes Virus & Mycoplasma Report)

"Bio-Terrorism Secrets For Survival"

The classic biological warfare survival manual, written by military expert Duncan Long, puts the risks and methods of "beating the odds" in practical terms.   

 "Bio-Terrorism Secrets For Survival" by Duncan Long contains a wealth of useful information, not only for periods of active biological warfare, but especially for ordinary times...times when our lives (and lifestyle) are put at risk by continual exposure to the invasion of micro-immigrants (little critters from other parts of the world...viruses & bacteria) that inhabit our reality. 



  • Knowledge about What Could Happen And How To Prepare For The Unfortunate Realities Of Biological Warfare

  • Knowledge about What To Buy and Where To Get It
  • Knowledge that will enable you and your family to :

Decontaminate your home, using common household items

Store food (the best types & the best places) for safe easy access

Purify drinking water of infectious microorganisms

Make food safe to eat, even after exposure to biological agents

Rid your air of 99.96% of airborne pathogens, using a combination of three unconventional all-natural substances

Decontaminate your body after exposure to biological agents

Some of the useful items that are listed in the book, (and on our "links Page" Bio terrorism Links) along with suppliers are:

  • Dustmasks

  • Gasmasks

  • Tyvek Hooded Coveralls

  • Protective Suits

  • Hepa Filters

  • BetaGlucan

  • Essential oils

  • Oxycaps

  • "Info Mate" Crisis Preparedness Radio

  • Portable aqua water purification tablets

  • Instant Hand Sanitizer

  • De-Hydrated, "Freeze Dried, Meals Ready to Eat"

Knowledge... the difference between preparation & survival and panic. Knowledge... "Bio-Terrorism Secrets For Survival" by Duncan Long, Quality Press edition, publication date March 2003.

"Bio-Terrorism Secrets For Survival", by Duncan Long, 2003 Quality Press Edition, ONLY $19.95 plus s&h.


(We have seen "Bio-Terrorism Secrets For Survival" offered for as much as $79.95 from other vendors.

    Bio-Terrorism Secrets For Survival $19.95

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