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Silver and Other Products

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Silver and Other Products

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The "price" of "PAPER SILVER"  has fallen a lot in recent weeks.


There is a worldwide shortage of "PHYSICAL SILVER".

In some markets, "PHYSICAL SILVER" is commanding a $30.00 premium over "spot price".

Delivery times can include 6 week DELAYS, even when paying a premium.

We have the silver we advertise IN STOCK!

Silver ships separately from other items and incurs it's own shipping charge.

Multiple silver items on the same order incur a single silver shipping charge.

The exception to this rule is the silver rod set included with each new generator. Each generator comes with one set of silver rods, shipped with the generator and included in the shipment charge.

If the "cart" charges more than 1 shipping charge for the silver items, the excess will be refunded when the silver ships.

99.99 % Pure

( the good stuff )

14 gauge rod (12 ga rod is listed below)

6" strips ... 1 pair (2 rods) ...  $28.50 (Includes shipping)  Additional sets, on the same silver order are $22.50 each, shipping included


9" strips ... 1 pair (2 rods) ...  $38.50 (Includes shipping)    Additional sets, on the same silver order are $32.50 each, shipping included
5' Roll ... (1 roll, 60 inches long) ... $144.00  ON SALE FOR ONLY  $105.50 (Includes shipping)    Additional rolls, on the same silver order are $99.50 each, shipping included


10' Roll  ... (1 roll, 120 inches long) ...  $260.00  ON SALE FOR ONLY  $199.00 (Includes shipping) additional rolls are $193.00 each, shipping included.


99.99% Pure!

( the good stuff )

12 gauge rod

12 gauge silver rod is about 1.25 times as thick and 1.5 times as heavy as the same length of 14 gauge rod.

.9999 fine silver is the highest quality silver rod readily available.

.999 fine silver rod is cheaper, but you get what you pay for.

12 gauge silver rod will work with any of our generators.


6" strips ... 1 pair (2 rods) ... 12 gauge...  $39.50 (Includes shipping) Additional sets, on the same silver order are $33.50 each, shipping included


5' Roll ... (1 roll, 60 inches long) ... $205.00  ON SALE FOR ONLY  $172.50  (Includes shipping) additional rolls, on the same silver order are 166.50 each, shipping included.


Silver, Ag, is the 47th element in the periodic table. In color, silver is white & lustrous. The density of silver is 10.5 g/cc. Silver melts at 952 degrees C, and boils at 2163 degrees C.  Silver has a hardness rated between 2.5 and 2.7, and is therefore one of the most malleable of all metals. In fluids, silver can exist in four basic forms - as a compound, a neutral particle (as in ground silver), a negatively charged particle, and a positively charged ion. Silver  contained within plant sources, as part of the normal complement of organic minerals, is  usually in the positively charged ionic form.
Silver salts are used extensively in photography. Various silver alloys are used for silver jewelry. Sterling Silver is used for high class tableware and eating utensils. Silver is an excellent  conductor of both heat and electricity making it a key component in many electrical applications. Up until the late 1930's, silver compounds were widely used in medicinal applications. (Silver compounds have largely been supplanted by penicillin [and similar] drugs for the purposes of conventional medicine.)

The "Alternative Medicine" community, however, is coming back to the use of silver compounds and colloidal silver for many medicinal purposes. This is due in part to the increasing number of pathogens that no longer respond to "conventional antibiotics". All pathogenic viruses and bacteria appear to have a similar oxygen transfer enzyme in their exterior cell wall. Many researchers  believe that when these single cell pathogens come in contact with silver, the oxygen transfer enzyme is disabled or inactivated, causing the pathogen to die. I have read numerous places that "no known virus or bacteria has mutated to be immune to silver". This statement may be true, or it may simply be the result of inadequate research. The fact that many people place great stock in the concept explains why they are willing to "try" colloidal silver when more conventional treatments fail.  The FDA does not approve colloidal silver for any medicinal use...see FDA on Colloidal Silver

Silver is commonly available as grain, ingot, round ingot, coin, sheet, flat stock, and round/half round/or square rod or wire. Purity includes sterling (a compound), .999 fine, .9999 fine, and .99999 fine. Prices vary according to supply, and purity. Silver with purity above .999 fine is not always available.

All ".9999 fine or better" silver wire is "custom fabricated", that is, refiners and fabricators do not normally keep "pure silver wire" in stock. Commercial uses for pure silver wire are limited, compared to other forms of silver and sterling silver (jewelry) so fabrication of pure silver wire is normally done on a consignment basis. Most fabricators have a minimum order size of 1000 troy ounces for wire or rod.

Replacement sets of the pure .9999 fine (or better) 14 gauge silver rod are available inexpensively from our company.

We also offer 12 gauge sets of the pure .9999 fine (or better) silver rod, but only in the 6" strips or the 5 foot rolls.

We guarantee the purity to be at least .9999 fine. None is less pure, much is more pure. For use with the standard 16-ounce-per-batch units described above, replacement sets of pure .9999 fine (or better) 14 gauge silver rod are available.

For use with the "Big Batch" Heavy Duty Gallon-Sized unit, replacement  rods : 2 nine inch strips per set, in the 14 gauge rods are available.

Silver is shipped separately from other products. There is no additional charge for shipping additional sets of silver on the same silver order.

We do not  ship to Colorado addresses ... call 970-545-2360 for assistance or more information.

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When you use your credit card to pay for  merchandise on our site, the transaction is processed by  PayPal

 Silver Bullet Enterprises employees never have access to your private financial data.

 PayPal employs full time professional security experts, who's only job is to protect the integrity of credit card data.

We have chosen  PayPal as our payment processor so that we can be sure your transactions are secure and that your money and data will remain safe.


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