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the new usp iidifferent ways to make money on amazon

colloidal silver generator


different ways to make money on amazon

different ways to make money on amazon

different ways to make money on amazon

different ways to make money on amazon 

different ways to make money on amazon

different ways to make money on amazon

different ways to make money on amazon

different ways to make money on amazon

   different ways to make money on amazon

world's finest home colloidal silver generators

different ways to make money on amazon  


different ways to make money on amazon

different ways to make money on amazon


different ways to make money on amazon

different ways to make money on amazon

different ways to make money on amazon

different ways to make money on amazon

different ways to make money on amazon

different ways to make money on amazon

different ways to make money on amazon

different ways to make money on amazon


different ways to make money on amazon

we all bought "cheap equipment" when we started using computers.

this usually meant we had to "move up" to more expensive stuff as we learned.

the more expensive stuff was actually easier to use and did the things we wanted to do, right from the start.

all the colloidal silver generators we sell are easy to operate and do a good job.

the 1109 is the most sophisticated, and the most versatile generator we sell.

it's still simple enough to operate that a 12 yr old can easily handle the task.

different ways to make money on amazon

different ways to make money on amazon

different ways to make money on amazon

different ways to make money on amazon

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different ways to make money on amazon

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different ways to make money on amazon

different ways to make money on amazon
  • conventional colloidal silver (continuously stirred)

Attorney's Office for the Easten District of Pennsylvania. S.

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select your silver rod set

different ways to make money on amazon

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  at least one of our competitors makes fun of our generator because it has two boxes connected by a flexible plastic tube and electrical wire.

we could have put everything in "one box", but decided against it for the following reasons:

  1. pumps vibrate. that's their nature. we wanted the pump in a container on the counter, not sitting on top of a quart jar full of water in a possibly unstable manner, amplifying the potential for spillage or tipping.

  2. 110vac can be dangerous around water. we kept the potentially hazardous voltage away from the container full of water. the only power we place in close proximity to water is safe low voltage, low ampacity electricity.

because we're concerned about the proper operation of our equipment, we incorporated solid state voltage regulation in the (usp) system to avoid minor (or maybe not minor) deviations in the process due to local voltage fluctuations. our competitors don't do this.

different ways to make money on amazon

while our design costs more to construct, the two box system only adds 10 seconds or so to the "set up", which we feel is a small price to pay for the enhanced safety it provides.

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different ways to make money on amazonor betterdifferent ways to make money on amazon , in either 12 or 14 gage are available inexpensively from our company. prices change, so click the above link to see the current price.

silver ships separately from other items. shipping is charged on the first silver item and is intended to include the cost of shipping all silver items in a single package. if shopping cart bills you in a fashion other than this, contact us and we will adjust pricing to reflect this policy.

we have designed all our colloidal silver generators to be electrically compatible with both 14 gage and 12 gage silver rods.

we supply new generators with 14 gage rods, but 12 gage rods work also, and fit any of our generators [including the usp (1108) or usp ii (1109)] without modification.

the 12 gage silver rods are heavier, but many of our customers already own colloidal silver generators originally supplied with 14 gage wire, and they have  purchased extra rod "just in case".

we went to the effort and expense of designing our nano-particle generators to work with the 14 gage silver rod our customers already have on hand.

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as you are probably aware, in early 2002 we introduced the usp generator. different ways to make money on amazonif is a small word representing a huge concept!different ways to make money on amazon

the usp ii, however, does replace both a conventional colloidal silver generator, and a nano-particle (micro particle ... usp ... ionic) colloidal silver generator.different ways to make money on amazon

With this in mind, we will now go through several main bet types. A straight bet is placed on a team to win the game, and so is a moneyline.

the primary motivation for developing a "usp" generator is that "conventional colloidal silver" does not work well against viral and mycoplasmal pathogens. different ways to make money on amazon, everywhere, and viral pathogens in test tubes.

however, due to particle size (and the fact that different ways to make money on amazonwill not dissolve in stomach acid), conventional colloidal silver, when ingested as a mineral supplement, confines most of its' action to the different ways to make money on amazon, where it works well against bacterial or fungal pathogensdifferent ways to make money on amazon  because these critters can get into places where conventional colloidal silver particles will never reach.

the particles generated by the usp colloidal silver generator (different ways to make money on amazon) seem to solve this problem even though usp colloidal silver reaches saturation at about 3 ppm silver (different ways to make money on amazon) as opposed to 5 to 40 ppm in conventional colloidal silver.

in fact, researchers in a joint project between the university of texas, austin and mexico univeristy, nuevo leon, have demonstrated that, silver nanoparticles of sizes 1-10nm attached to hiv-1 and prevented the virus from bonding to host cells. the study is published in the journal of nanotechnology. (this may, in part, explain some of the anecdotes we hear from our customers) these same scientists are also testing against other viruses and the 'super bug (methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus).' ... different ways to make money on amazon

usp cs is a term we use to describe the colloidal silver generated using our usp or usp ii generator. it is also referred to as nano-particle colloidal silver. this electro colloidal silver, according to lab tests, is roughly 3ppm silver by weight, and has roughly 1ppm of that silver as discrete particles ranging in size from .25nm to 6nm. [1000 nm =1micrometer] roughly 2 ppm of the silver weight is contained as "silver sols" [dissolved silver] and highly "bio-available".

the particles generated by the usp generator are so small that they appear effective against pathogens, different ways to make money on amazon, both within and outside the gastro intestinal tract. at least, that is what we have concluded from customer and user comments.

  • lab tests indicate that, in test tubes, usp (nano silver) kills antibiotic resistant pathogens better than cipro.

  • anecdotal evidence ... customer stories ... indicate that usp (nano particle) colloidal silver is effective, in the body, against a variety of viral and mycoplasmal pathogens.

customers tell us (claim) they have seen colds, flu, herpes, hepatitis c, hiv and other viral based conditions "go away" with amazing rapidity when using usp cs.

for example... results our customers claim they got using our equipment ... not bogus random claims gathered off the internet...

the essential task of every truth seeker is: "to balance credulity and skepticism equally, impossible without the trait of intense humility in the presence of an unknowable universe" (carl sagan "the burden of skepticism").

 in the hands of clear thinkers, reality will reveal itself.

different ways to make money on amazon

our customers talking about results they have gotten using the equipment they bought from us!

(real people tell us these things, but we have no actual proof that might be acceptable to your doctor or the fda ... we offer this information as it came to us ... you be the judge.)


  • different ways to make money on amazonwe don't actually know that usp cs will be effective against avian bird flu. we think it will, but since none of our customers has had an opportunity to "put it to the test", our best guess is just that, a guess!
  • different ways to make money on amazon(different ways to make money on amazon) my father was confined to the hospital with terminal cancer. he developed painful bed sores, making the entire experience even more excruciating. when it became apparent that the hospital staff was unable to do or give my father anything to provide relief, i began spraying his bedsores with conventional cs every evening. he experienced pain relief almost immediately, and the bed sores were healing nicely within three days. he is now deceased, but i helped make his final days more comfortable.
  • different ways to make money on amazonone of my neighbors was having a problem with her tropical fish. they were just "sickley", with irregular de-scaling . we don't know the cause, but adjusting tank "ph", etc had no effect. she added some (undefined quantity) usp silver  to the tank and the problem "went away". her mother had an angel fish that was found swimming on its' side. she added a "glug" of usp cs to the tank, snd within an hour the fish was swimming and acting normally.
  • different ways to make money on amazon ... (jc, alabama) 2007 ... we have a neighbor, living just across the street who developed hepatitis c. after he was discharged from the hospital last year, as "incurable", and near death, he decided to try some "small particle" colloidal silver. his condition began to improve almost immediately. he is now in complete remission. shortly after that, (probably because we bragged) one of the ladies in our church, who was also diagnosed with incurable hepatitis c , decided to try the "small particle" colloidal silver. when her physician noted the improvement in her health, he told her "don't stop whatever it is that you are doing"! she is now in complete "remission" also. (jc did not relate a dosage to me, but i assume it was probably about 12 oz daily, divided into three or more doses.  hep c is dangerous, and can be fatal. do not attempt to treat it without the advice and assistance of a medical professional! )
  • different ways to make money on amazon [hospital acquired] (steve barwick [different ways to make money on amazon, ca)  after gall stone removal surgery in mid-december different ways to make money on amazon, and follow up surgery a week later to remove gallstones lodged in the common bile duct (overlooked by the surgeon), steve ended up with an extremely serious iatrogenic (i.e., hospital-acquired) infection in his intestinal tract.  the result of this infection was an acute case of diarrhea that had the intensity of dysentery. three courses of anti-biotics (including cipro), one course of olive leaf, one course of grapefruit seed extract and copious amounts of conventional cs later, different ways to make money on amazonin early april steve got word that the usp colloidal silver generator was ready for testing. he began making the ultra-small particle size colloidal silver in quart-sized batches, and taking different ways to make money on amazon.  by the second day the diarrhea was largely abated, and the stomach cramps nearly gone.  within four days the level of infection appeared to have abated.  in under a week his appetite returned to normal and he was able to eat his first full meal without pain in over four and a half months! although his symptomsdifferent ways to make money on amazonhad subsided, steve continued the treatment for different ways to make money on amazon, just to be sure. the infection reportedly has not returned. at the time of this occurrence, steve was associated with silver bullet enterprises, an affiliation that has ended.
  • different ways to make money on amazon note: john is one of the elders in his lds ward ... one of the members of my ward suffered an injury that took him to the hospital. while he was there, he contracted a case of flesh eating staph. the hospital, unable to treat or control the disease with which they had caused him to become infected, sent him home to die. (different ways to make money on amazon..ed) his wife called me (lds ward elders provide spiritual, emotional, and physical assistance ... including money, food, etc., to members of the ward, according to their needs) for assistance. he had lost significant portions of one leg, arm, and shoulder to the disease. lifetime disability was a given, death appeared probable. john bathed his wounds with conventional cs, and he began drinking usp cs. the appearance of improvement was immediate. the progress of the disease had completely stopped within 3 days. he has now reached maximum recovery. he is permanently crippled and disfigured, but he is also alive.
  • different ways to make money on amazon(george o', new jersey...different ways to make money on amazon) "paraphrased phone conversation" one of my friends had a teen aged son with lyme disease. the boy was mis diagnosed for over a year, with no resolution of the problem and increasing levels of mental and physical deteoriation. when the lyme disease diagnosis came in (following many "bad guesses" & thousands of dollars of "useless treatments") his mother decided to try "different ways to make money on amazon ...different ways to make money on amazon". we gave the boy usp cs...4 oz, 3x daily . relief of symptoms began to show within 4 days. they continued the dosage for 14 days, following up with "wobezyne" enzymes (to clear residual toxins) and "far infra red" sauna treatments to further eliminate toxins and speed muscular healing. the boy is back in school, with minor residual physical and mental problems. (different ways to make money on amazon) the picture below is a lyme disease "bulls eye" just for reference.

5 (can lose by 1-13 or win) 5, because they won the game outright)

    different ways to make money on amazon
  • different ways to make money on amazon(barbara gì© get paid with youtube¾georgetown, tx) barbara called us in a panic. she had a cs generator, but not one of the new usp units. her husband had been diagnosed with lymphatic cancer. he had taken the "chemotherapy", which resulted in heart problems but no remission of the cancer. his doctor had just removed him from "chemo" (which barbaraਵsband was no longer strong enough to endure) and sent him home to die. at this point his life expectancy (per his dr.) was less than a month. having nothing left to loose, they decided to try "alternative methods" of dealing with the problem. they began a program of treatment consisting of 12oz usp cs (daily) divided into 3 equal doses, conventional cs instead of underarm deodorant, and "essiac tea". that was fourteen weeks ago. as of 7/21/04, barbaraਵsband is getting better and growing stronger every day,. no longer bed-ridden, he works in his garden daily. he just went in for a "full body scan", and barbara tells us she expects a report that the cancer (clearly in some form of remission, at the very least) is gone. cancer link
  • different ways to make money on amazonwe hear from our friends in ohio that they (several dairy farmers) are having great success treating bovine mastitis using conventional cs generated using the usp ii generator (set for conventional colloidal silver). although the treatment was recommended by a local veterinarian, commercial colloidal silver suspensions, and colloidal silver made with other brands of equipment does not appear to yield beneficial results. mastitis is caused by staph, strep, or mycoplasmal infection. path of infection is generally via contaminated milking equipment, infected calf(s), through skin abrasions or other udder injury. mycoplasmal infections are the hardest to treat, generally spreading rapidly to other animals in the herd. conventional treatment involves animal segregation and prescription anti-biotics. milk must be disposed of during the period of infection, generally described as the ï´” period (avg. 2 wks.) cs treatment involves animal segregation and injecting 60cc of 10ppm cs directly  into the udder. injections are done twice daily for two weeks. hot period of the udder is reduced, on average, to about four days. mortality from mastitis has been reduced from 1-2% annually to 0%. roughly 38% of all dairy cattle are afflicted with mastitis at some point each year. (background information in this paragraph taken from the different ways to make money on amazonwebsitedifferent ways to make money on amazon
  • different ways to make money on amazon(floyd j. colorado springs, co) "paraphrased phone conversation" july 5, different ways to make money on amazon my dad (age 80) lost his ability to urinate due to a blockage caused by a swolen prostate.  he went to the hospital, where they inserted a catheter and proceeded to biopsy the prostate and take numerous tests. the diagnosis was cancer. dad's psa measured 76 at that time. his physician removed the catheter, cleaned out the urinary tract (making it so dad could urinate) and sent dad home. (i then convinced him to move to my house so i could take care of him) dad's doctor told him that at his age, and in his condition, surgery was ill advised. hormone treatments were described as the method of choice. dad declined hormone therapy (different ways to make money on amazon). my sister has a usp generator, and she began making usp cs for dad. on aug 11, dad began taking 12 oz in three divided doses daily, together with "pro-cal", "milk thistle", vitamin e & selenium, and distilled water. his prostate began to reduce in size almost immediately. on sept 30, 2005 his psa measured 21 (a drop of 55 points). on october 30, 2005 the psa had dropped to 19....but, dad had begun to have some muscle spasms ... at that point we lowered the amount of usp he was taking, and increased the distilled water. the spasms  have passed, and he is approaching the 66 day "break" (when he will stop taking usp in order for his body to re-balance itself). different ways to make money on amazon we (barb, dad & i) wanted to share this information because it is really important to us and maybe to others as well. cancer link

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    different ways to make money on amazon
  • different ways to make money on amazon (carol m. of oklahoma, different ways to make money on amazon) carol's daughter had two large tumors, one on her uterus and one on her abdomen.  the tumor on her daughter's uterus was about the size of a grapefruit, while the tumor on the abdomen was nearly the size of cantaloupe. the abdominal tumor literally made her young daughter look pregnant.  their doctor scheduled the young girl for surgery, which he had postponed (repeatedly). carol told us that while waiting for the surgery date, she began giving her daughter the ultra small particle sized colloidal silver.  she did so for a period of about 14 days, at a daily dosage level of different ways to make money on amazon.  in that short time, carol's daughter suddenly began to experience dramatic weight loss.  she lost 10 pounds the first week, and 12 pounds the second week.  her tumors decreased dramatically in size. by the time they returned to the doctor the tumor on the uterus was no longer detectable with the naked eye. the huge, cantaloupe-sized tumor on the abdomen had shrunken to about the size of a prune.  according to carol, the doctor said he'd never seen such an occurrence, nor had he ever heard of ultra small particle size colloidal silver. the doctor took carol aside in his office and stated emphatically, "i really don't know anything about what you are doing, but for god's sake don't stop."  the doctor later told carol he was grateful for the 'spontaneous remission,' because he had feared that removing such a large tumerous mass could have resulted in her daughter's death.  carol was, understandably unwilling to go to alaska without a usp, and was unwilling to take the original unit away from her daughter.  carol did not share the "source" of the tumors with us, so we have no way of knowing whether they were cancerous or not.
  • different ways to make money on amazonjan v colorado) november 2006 ... jan is a lady in her early 60's, who was diagnosed with uterine tumors, possibly cancerous. since a "needle biopsy" involves additional risk of spreading any form of cancer, jan and her physician elected to forgo such tests, and rather than take any unnecessary chances, scheduled a hysterectomy. jan also began a taking 1 qt of usp nano-particle cs daily, for the 20 days or so that she waited for the operation. the results of lab tests on the tissue that had been removed showed no trace of any tumors, whatsoever.
  • different ways to make money on amazon
  • (different ways to make money on amazon) just before christmas a friend of mine had a knee replacement.  all was going well when she suddenly developed some very nasty ulcers on that leg in early january.  the doctors gave her the usual anti-biotics etc. and during this course i offered some colloidal silver but jan said she would stick with what the doctors gave.  i left for the usa 2 days later and returned on february 19th. i saw my friend a few days later and was horrified to find her leg was all taped and leaking "matter" through the bandages as the ulcer was now about 8" long!!  she was having it dressed by a nurse every 2 days but the ulcer still gaped and leaked.  this time jan, my friend, accepted colloidal silver (what the heck, nothing the medical profession provided was working).  her regular nurse had to be away for a week and another nurse did the dressing changes.  when the regular nurse returned after 7 days (and jan had been using colloidal silver 3 times a day in that  time but only internally as she did not want to remove or soak the bandages), the nurse gaped in astonishment and said "i cannot believe it.  it is really looking good".  the ulcer was still there but was beginning to close and heal so the nurse dressed it and said come back in 6 days.  jan told her about colloidal silver and the usual shutters came down over the eyes when cs is mentioned to the medical profession..........my friend, jan, telephoned me saturday morning to say she had just returned from having the dressing changed and the ulcer had closed and new skin beginning to grow.  the nurse said it was "unbelievable" and "she could not believe it".   jan told me that it was only after taking colloidal silver that the ulcer responded.  seeing that it got steadily worse over the 5 week period of conventional anti-biotics and only started to heal after dumping the former and taking colloidal silver it was hard to believe that the cs was not responsible for the healing.  anyway, she knows it was the cs.  i told jan to carry on using cs until her leg had totally healed and any skin discoloration had returned to normal.  needless to say, she is overjoyed, as am i.  (different ways to make money on amazoned)

offense. verified whether it is indeed the account that originally posted the story.

  • different ways to make money on amazon "2 years ago a virus called "the vomiting virus" did the rounds here in the uk.
    unfortunately, the same virus also emptied the body at the other end at the
    same time.  it was awful as even drinking water caused one to eject fluids
    north and south.  i could keep down a tablespoon of colloidal silver which i
    took every 2  hours, plus the same with the ginger.  about 6 hours later i
    could keep fluids and a small amount of food down.  within 12 hours i was
    back to normal.  i phoned a friend, who caught the virus the same time i
    did, and told her i was coming up.  she told me she had spent the entire
    night sitting on the john with her chin resting on the wash basin, luckily
    being able to reach both without having to move.  i left her with colloidal
    silver and a bottle of the ginger concentrate and recommended she take it
    like i did.
    this was at 9.00 am.  she phoned me just after 4.00 pm to say she had kept
    down a cup of tea and i slice of toast.  next morning she was back to normal
    apart from feeling somewhat weak.

    she phoned her next door neighbours who were also suffering from this virus
    (we all caught it about the same time) and suggested they try the cs and
    ginger too.  however, they said the doctor had delivered a prescription to
    them the day before and they wished to stay with this!!  it took ten days
    for them to recover.  some people referred to this as the "ten day vomiting
    virus".  i managed to persuade another village friend and her son to try
    what i gave them and, guess what, in less than 20 hours they were both over

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  • different ways to make money on amazon (lmc, weld county, co) summer different ways to make money on amazon...my husband and i both came down with something, about three days after we were bitten by mosquitos. symptoms included fever, vomiting, extreme vertigo (my husband collapsed in the kitchen...just went down like a sack of spuds) and severe muscle aches. we both took usp colloidal silver, 12 oz daily, in divided doses. symptoms were alleviated within three (3) days for me, and four (4) days for my husband. we both took the usp cs for 14 days after symptoms went away. we never bothered to get a "formal diagnosis" ...why spend the money?
  • different ways to make money on amazon... (reno, nv) different ways to make money on amazon ... all three patients were spouses of cancer victims, who had come to reno for specialized care unavailable in their home towns. all patients had suffered from "west nile" for a period of time exceeding 18 months, and had been treated with "conventional anti-biotics" to no avail. the "west nile" was hanging on and becoming increasingly problematic. treatment, with usp cs , (4oz, 3 times daily, for a period of 24 days), resulted in a relief of symptoms on the fourth day, with no reported recurrence of symptoms.
  • different ways to make money on amazon... (vernal, ut) ... three horses, two adults, one colt, diagnosed by the veterinarian with "west nile virus". all cases deemed (by the veterinarian) to be terminal. different ways to make money on amazon ... 1 pint usp cs, morning and evening, administered using a funnel attached to a rubber tube inserted into the stomach. results ...all three animals total relief of symptoms within ten (10) days ... no report of recurring symptoms. different ways to make money on amazon i advise extreme caution using this type of treatment.  in fact, i would not even attempt to use it without a "professional" in attendance. the "rubber hose" must be inserted through the horse's nose, down the throat and into the stomach. if the hose entered the lung instead of the stomach, you could easily kill your horse. further, the reader should bear in mind, one successful incident does not meet the requirements for a "treatment protocol", and this evidence is "anecdotal", which means it is "unproven"

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different ways to make money on amazonthe tiny particles generated by our usp generator work great when we are dealing with viruses and mycoplasmal pathogens. however, the "conventional colloidal silver" particles work best when we are dealing with bacteria and larger pathogens䧳 kind of like hunting飫 the proper size of ammo for the prey you want to kill. (we have noticed that the usp colloidal silver, while it different ways to make money on amazonhe laboratory⾩ get paid with youtubet different ways to make money on amazon does.)

also noticed, during the last two years,  that there are significant advantages to using a different ways to make money on amazon while generating different ways to make money on amazon

different ways to make money on amazon

different ways to make money on amazon one of these advantages is that "stirring" avoids the "electrical bridging" problem that can occur with an "unstirred suspension". electrical bridging contributes to the formation of larger particles during the generation process.

that is not to say that your  "old battery operated generator" is now uselesså© get paid with youtube´e the contrary襠colloidal silver you have generated for years is still as good as ever (it can't be beaten for treating burns, cuts, scrapes, food poisoning, or any type of infection where contact between the cs & the "pathogen" is assured)å ªust feel that there is room for improvement.

with these concepts in mind, we have created thedifferent ways to make money on amazon different ways to make money on amazon this is a generator model that can be used to generate:

  • usp colloidal silver
  • conventional colloidal silver (with saltï®´inuously stirred)
  • conventional colloidal silver (without saltï®´inuously stirred)
  • conventional colloidal silver (with or without salt, unstirred)

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because the generator uses a "pump", it will only operate from 110vac. battery operations are simply impractical.

different ways to make money on amazon鮣e we include a timer, you can simply different ways to make money on amazon衴's right, you can set this generator up to do it's job, walk away, and come back at your leisure to a fresh batch of colloidal silver.

each batch of colloidal silver you make will be a full quart.
that's roughly twice the size of the batches you are used to making, different ways to make money on amazon.

because the process is timed, you can make "no salt" cs anytime you want䧳 no real trouble, and you don't have to worry about "running down your batteries".

different ways to make money on amazon of making different ways to make money on amazon colloidal silver when the flu or cold season is in full swing.

different ways to make money on amazon csï² water purification,  to extend the shelf life of milk, to cook turkey & stuffing without worrying about salmonella (just rinse out the body cavity on the turkey with cs & make the stuffing "broth" with cs to minimize bacterial growth), or treat burns, or do any of the multitude of other things you've always done with colloidal silver.
you don't need to worry about "over cooking" or "under cooking" a batch.
you don't have to worry about listening for a timer to "go off" so that you can "monitor" your colloidal silver. provided, of course, that you are willing to check on the batch before the 24 hour timer runs it again.

the new usp ii colloidal silver generator by silver bullet enterprises is affordably priced at different ways to make money on amazon

That should just leave us well. And in this one-of the old, it's

it is unique in design, well made, durable and economical to operate. it is realistic to say that this equipment may easily function perfectly, well beyond our own lifetimes.

different ways to make money on amazon (a necessity for forming a solution containing mostly "ions") and different ways to make money on amazon the "two step" voltage regulation process is important because it keeps all the line voltage components away from everything wet, and it virtually eliminates any effect "regional variations" of voltage or "cycle rate" might have on the generation process... the basic circuit used for generating usp cs is common to both the usp & usp ii generators. the design has demonstrated consistent reliable durability.


different ways to make money on amazonother manufacturers, who claim that their units perform the same function as the usp cs generator, have not bothered with developing equally sophisticated electronics. when we tested other manufacturer's units, the results were far less than comparable to the silver bullet enterprises' usp generator series.

the unit makes a one quart batch of cs per use, and due to the low "process  voltage" and user friendly design, is easy and safe to operate.

even so, we understand that you have invested good money in the equipment that you already own.

different ways to make money on amazon

different ways to make money on amazon is intended as a "companion" generator, for those who already own a dependable conventional colloidal silver generator. it provides the small particle colloidal silver you may want when conventional colloidal silver particles are just too large to penetrate into the areas where "stealth" pathogens are hiding. the generator comes in a carrying case with everything you need to make the usp cs except water & a quart bottle.

whether you decide upon single source colloidal silver generation capability (different ways to make money on amazon) or decide to keep your existing cs generator & add usp capabilities (usp)  to your different ways to make money on amazonwe've got your decision covered.

there is no better time than the present to implement your decision.

do it now!

different ways to make money on amazon

the new usp ii colloidal silver generator by silver bullet enterprises is affordably priced at different ways to make money on amazon

quantity: different ways to make money on amazon

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for maximum versatility, don't forget to buy the matching inverter (only $24.95), so you can make colloidal silver in the safety and comfort of your automobile if you're away from home or when the power "goes down"

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different ways to make money on amazon

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 different ways to make money on amazon

 paypal employs full time professional security experts, who's only job is to protect the integrity of credit card data.

we have chosen  paypal as our payment processor so that we can be sure your transactions are secure and that your money and data will remain safe


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different ways to make money on amazon

nothing on this page is intended to be taken as medical advise. we are not physicians. we do not claim to be physicians. we do not sell products intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. the fda has not reviewed or approved any statements made on this website. any use  made of colloidal silver by any person reading this website is presumed to be the sole responsibility of the end user.  in the hands of clear thinkers, reality will reveal itself.

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