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The Principal advantage of Nebulizing

"Omron" brand Nebulizer

Only $119.97 including S&H

This is the same durable, dependable, nebulizer many physicians recommend for their patients who use nebulizers in conjunction with prescription medication. Prescription medication for problems of the lung, where direct contact with the lung tissue is necessary, or liquid medication compatible with inhalation prescribed for a patient unable to avoid vomiting, may be delivered using a nebulizer.

Individuals who choose to self medicate with colloidal silver, particularly those afflicted with:





Frequently report beneficial results while using a nebulizer.


The Omron Nebulizer has a 110 volt compressor, the nebulizer tubing and mouthpiece, instructions, and convenient carrying case.

Additional accessories (tubing, mouthpiece, etc) are available from the manufacturer or a local medical supplier.

This is not an item that we "stock", but they are generally available within three days of the time we receive an order.

Because the product is "Special Order", that is, we only order one when you order one from us, all sales are final.

The manufacturer's warranty applies. All items are new and the manufacturer will stand behind their product.

We carry this item because our customers have asked for it. We have no recommendation regarding its' use other than "the user should consult his/her physician prior to any use, and follow the physician's advice."


Quantity: Only $119.97 including S&H

We Accept Solution Graphics  And




Meter ... the Formal Definition ... On October 20, 1983, the meter was officially defined as the distance traveled by light in a vacuum during the time interval of 1/299,792,458 of a second.

The definition of a meter has changed with advancing technology to permit accurate duplication of the actual standard at diverse locations. Previous definitions were based on the length of a standard bar (1799-1899), a relationship to the wavelength of light emitted by the krypton ion (1960) the wavelength of light emitted by an iodine-stabilized helium -neon lazer (1980) wikipedia

Micrometer ... 1 meter /1,000,000    .... Meter = 39.3700787 inches ... 1 Micrometer = .0000393700787 inches

Pneumonia means inflammation in the lung. More specifically, it is an illness of the lungs and respiratory system in which the alveoli (microscopic air-filled sacs of the lung responsible for absorbing oxygen from the atmosphere) become inflamed and flooded with fluid.

Walking Pneumonia is the term often used to describe pneumonia that isn't severe enough to require bed rest or hospitalization. It is often, but not always, caused by a Mycoplasmal infection.

Pneumonia sufferers demonstrate cough, chest pain, fever, and difficulty in breathing.

Pneumonia is a common illness occurring  in all age groups, and a leading cause of death among elderly and the chronically ill.

The source of Pneumonia varies, and may include: viral, bacterial, fungus, or parasitical infection, all of which may benefit from some form of anti-bacterial or anti-viral treatment. Pneumonia may also be caused by a mycoplasmal infection, for which anti-biotics, other than colloidal silver, are relatively ineffective.  In vitro, colloidal silver, has demonstrated effectiveness against all of the above pathogens.

The flu because it is a respiratory illness, may progress to become Pneumonia. Some forms of the flu, including the 1918 strain, have progressed to become epidemic, resulting in the rapid deaths of millions of afflicted persons. Health authorities, worldwide, are now expressing concern that the bird flu (H5N1) will mutate providing a repeat of the 1918 phenomenon. 

Bird Flu, or Avian Flu, or H5N1 is a strain of flu that mainly afflicts birds. It does not appear to have mutated ... yet ... to sustain human to human transmission. When humans become afflicted, it is often fatal. HUMAN AFFLICTION IS RARE. We believe, based upon the facts available to us, that Colloidal Silver, nebulized into the lungs will prove to be an effective "counter measure" to Avian Flu.  This is an untested theory.

The 24 Hr Flu ... see below

Pneumonia may also be caused by physical injury to the lungs from: chemical exposure, lung cancer, or alcohol abuse.

Some "Self Medicating Experimenters" claim that nano-particle CS is effective against Lung Cancer. This assertion is in harmony with the research of Virginia Livingston, MD., but out of step with most orthodox cancer professionals.  Cancer and Bacteria Article

Congestive heart failure, normally a close pre-cursor to death, may also manifest with all the symptoms of pneumonia.

 Pneumonia is a serious medical condition that may result in death regardless of the source, and should be dealt with accordingly.

Treatment: Depending upon the severity of the case:


The 24 Hr Flu is not a respiratory illness. It is usually related to food poisoning or alcohol consumption, and calling it the flu is a misnomer. It does not normally progress into pneumonia, though in extreme cases food poisoning can be fatal.

The stomach Flu, is not a respiratory illness, and usually relates to a bacterial infection of the gastro-intestinal tract. It can usually be treated successfully with anti-biotics or colloidal silver, though it is easily confused with chemical food poisoning, which dos not respond to either conventional anti-biotics or colloidal silver. If it's BAD and PERSISTENT SEE A MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL.

Bacterial food poisoning responds well to colloidal silver, with alleviation of symptoms usually occurring within  two hours or so.

Chemical food poisoning (sometimes manifesting symptoms similar the stomach flu) responds well to activated charcoal (self administered in mild cases). For severe cases, or if there is any doubt about the severity of the case, a trip to the emergency room may be warranted, as this stuff can kill you.

A nebulizer breaks liquid or liquid bourne substances into particles that are approximately 5 micrometers  in diameter.

Because these droplets are inhaled directly into the lungs, they are absorbed directly into the blood stream.

Except for "direct injection", this is the most effective method of introducing medicinal products to the blood stream.

As with "direct injection", caution is advised.

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