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Silver Bullet Enterprises'

Virus and Mycoplasma Report

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The "VIRUS, MYCOPLASMA & USP COLLOIDAL SILVER REPORT" contains an in-depth  analysis of the origins and spread of the "BIOLOGICAL WEAPON"  known as " MYCOPLASMA".
This portion of the report is fully referenced, including U.S. patent numbers issued to employee(s) of the U. S. military, together with numerous other verifiable sources and documents. Information relating to test procedures and sources for obtaining tests (relating to mycoplasmal infection) that can be shared with your medical professional, are also included.
Additional information regarding current uses of USP colloidal silver ( by lay persons) to effectively combat the results of virus and mycoplasmal infections, together with some informed speculation as to the reported results they are getting, is also included.
The information in this document is not intended for the diagnosis of any illness, or intended as a substitute for any treatment recommended by a licensed healthcare professional.

The information in this document was prepared by a college professor, and/or by a lay person.
This report is easy to understand, and the information is very helpful to those afflicted with mycoplasmal (based) illnesses.
Portions of this report are reprinted from other publications with the permission of the author.

The author does not advocate any particular use for colloidal silver, nor does he state or imply that colloidal silver can be used to diagnose, treat, or cure any illness. No assurance of safety or efficacy is stated or implied for any use of colloidal silver. No information on these pages may be construed as having the approval of the (US) FDA, in any form whatsoever, whether drawn directly from official (US) EPA documents or elsewhere. Information on this page is drawn from publicly available sources, normally perceived as reliable. HOWEVER, NO ASSURANCE IS GIVEN THAT THE INFORMATION IS CORRECT. The reader is advised to verified sources and come to his/her own conclusions.

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Quantity:    Virus & Mycoplasma Report $7.00

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