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World's Finest Home Colloidal Silver Generators

The "Micro Fine Particle Colloidal Silver Generator"

This is really tough.

We have heard of them, of course. They constantly refer to our units in their advertisements.

We took several of these units "on trade", in 2003. They work, but not in a fashion that would qualify them for sale bearing the Silver Bullet Enterprises name.

The major difference is:

We went to the time and expense to design our generator.

We use a "microprocessor" in combination with other solid state devices to control the power (voltage, pulse, ampacity) used to generate "nano-particle " Colloidal Silver.

One of the advantages of our system is that it delivers essentially the same result … a consistent quality of "nano-particle " colloidal silver even if the "input voltage" varies (which it does, within about a 24 volt …(120 x10% +/-) range).

Our competitors simply bought one of our units, used a transformer and resistors to "approximate" our power output … making no attempt to duplicate our electrical signature, or to compensate for local differences in main supply voltages, and then "claimed" that Silver Bullet Enterprises'  "results & testimonials" were their own.

On October 23, 2003, we heard from Robert M. of  Wisconsin, who informed us that his "Micro Particle"  generator (purchased from our competitor) makes a suspension containing particles large enough to make a "lazer beam" brightly visible.  (Particles generated using the USP Generator are so small they do not lend themselves to easy detection using common lazer lights.)

Robert's  comment re-enforces our own test results:

The "Micro Particle" generator does not perform the same function the "USP Generator" performs.

Additionally, the "Micro Particle Colloidal Silver Generator" is one large box containing all the electronics, including the 110 vac primary power supply, intended to sit on a quart jar filled with water. We feel this constitutes a potentially fatal design flaw for two reasons:

  1. 110vac power is dangerously close to water
  2. The generator, while sitting on the quart jar appears inherently unstable

We are pleased to say that Silver Bullet Enterprises has had nothing to do with the design, manufacturing, or marketing of this particular piece of equipment.

We know that Steve Barwick (a.k.a. S. Spenser Jones) is currently recommending the "Micro Fine Particle Colloidal Silver Generator".

 We hear, from the staff in Arizona that the "owner" of Silver Bullet Health & Nutrition (now The Silver Edge something or other) is "Steve" and that his phone number is the same as Steve Barwick’s number (same as Life & Health Research Group) in California.

This information leads anyone to an easy conclusion: S. Spenser Jones a.k.a. Steve Spenser Barwick is recommending his own product over other products.

No Mystery There.

A Note on the accuracy of our information:

The woman answering the phone in Arizona (for "Silver Bullet Health & Nutrition" ) claimed that we had reached  "Silver Bullet Enterprises of Greeley, CO". This obvious lie makes anything she may have said suspect.

Robert M. is one of our old customers, with no other relationship to our organization...we believe his unsolicited comments to be accurate.

Silver Bullet Enterprises

Producers of Safe, Simple and Economical Colloidal Silver

Generators and related Products...

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