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    Lazer Pointer    $12.95

Laser pointers are nifty little gadgets, NOT TOYS, but useful tools for making a "point" or drawing attention to almost anything visible. In the office or on the jobsite, they will direct attention to the exact item you have in mind. Anytime "your finger is just too short to make the point", a laser pointer fills the need. (Shining one of these on a person, or in anyone's eyes, is dangerous and may be illegal [depending on your location]).

As you probably already know, in order to make a colloidal silver solution that will retain its full potency in storage for long periods of time, such as years, you need to make what is called "no salt" colloidal silver.  That is, you need to make colloidal silver without  using the saline solution.  That's because over time, saline will begin to reconstitute itself in your colloidal silver, and will eventually compete with the silver particles for their electrical charge.  Once the reconstituted salt robs the silver particles of their electrical charge, the silver can fall out of suspension, rendering it significantly less potent.  This is why batches of colloidal silver made with saline solution usually retain their potency for only a matter of months, and so, are best used when fresh-made.  But the "no salt" batches of colloidal silver (i.e., those made without saline solution) can last for years in storage without losing potency.

However, when you make the "no salt" colloidal silver you cannot see the silver particles coming off the silver wires.  There is no "silvery mist" coming off the wires.  This is  because without salt, the silver particles come off so slowly, and they are of such a small  size, that they are invisible to the naked eye.  So how do you know for sure that your  generator is  actually producing silver particles when you make the "no salt" batches for long-term storage.  It's simple. You perform a simple practical test. You use a laser pointer light to view  suspended colloidal silver particles.  You see, when you shine a laser pointer light through a glass of plain distilled water, you will not be able to see the red beam going through the water.  This is because there are no suspended particles in the distilled water for the red beam to reflect off of.  Then, take that same glass of distilled water and make "no salt" colloidal silver with it.  Your colloidal silver solution will still be as clear as a bell.  You'd swear there were no silver particles suspended in the water at all.  That is, until you shine your laser light through the water.  Now, you will get a super bright red beam, because the laser light will reflect off of all the millions and millions of microscopic silver particles that are suspended in the water with their  electrical charge.  It is absolutely amazing to see!  And it is the easiest, most practical method of verifying the presence of microscopic particles.

That's why we have decided to offer the laser pointer lights to our customers, so you can test your colloidal silver solutions and make absolutely sure you have silver particles suspended in the water.  Now, you can prove for yourself that you have millions upon millions of silver particles suspended in your "no salt" colloidal silver. You will be absolutely amazed to see how "thick" with silver  your water actually is!  Seeing is believing, but you can't see it without a laser pointer light!  And we can give you a heck of a lot better deal than most stores can on these wonderful little laser pointer lights.  We have had so many letters from customers complaining that the laser pointer lights are too hard to find in stores, or that the prices are absolutely exorbitant, often as high as $29.95 to $39.95 apiece.  But we've made a special deal with one of the top manufacturers of laser pointer lights, so we can bring them to you  for only $12.95 each, plus $5.50  s&h (we ship by Priority Mail, to get your order to you as quickly as possible).  CO residents include 2.90% sales tax or the tax rate for your area.

Laser Pointer   $12.95


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