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Good Results come from Good Decisions

Good Decisions come from Good Judgment

Good Judgment comes from Experience, much of which comes from Bad Decisions

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Our Generators were developed with the following goals in mind:

  • Safety... Each generator must be safe for ordinary people to operate

  • Simplicity...Each generator must be easy to operate

  • Durability... Each generator must be made to last a long time

  • Effectiveness... each generator must generate a colloidal silver suspension that is consistent and predictable in particle size and strength (PPM)

  • Economy...We must be able to manufacture and sell our generators at a price our customers can afford

  • We believe our goals have been achieved, and that you will be pleased with your purchase.

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Prevent Colds and the Flu ... Keep the protective capacity of Colloidal Silver handy.

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Link to REAL info on THE FLU

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We are retailers of Colloidal Silver Generation Equipment.

Colloidal Silver is the world's most versatile Home Remedy

We believe that the equipment we sell and the information we provide will help improve the quality of life for you and your family .   

We believe that when you possess the facts, you will agree with us that generating your own high quality colloidal silver is well worth the time, effort and money!

Basic Colloidal Silver Information (link)

If you are currently using High Quality Colloidal Silver purchased from any Retail Source,  you can save enough on a single gallon of Colloidal Silver made with a top of the line Colloidal Silver Generator from Silver Bullet to pay for the generator, all without sacrificing quality or results.

life and health depend upon good bacterial and viral resistance. Life and good health. Life and good health. life and health

Our Current Sale is in effect through

August 31, 2021

Placing an Order

The Move To Keep Colloidal Silver

Away From the Public

It's all about the money

Colloidal Silver does not fix Everything, but it really does fix some things that other substances either won't or generally don't.

It will help to:

  •  purify water... kills bacteria and viruses, (doesn't remove other toxins)

  • Sterilize laundry ... just add 2 oz or so  of 20 ppm colloidal silver (per standard load) to the "pre wash", make sure it lasts more than 5 minutes, and kill over 97% of known pathogenic organisms.  Finish washing as usual. Makes clothes smell "fresher" longer.

  • Extend the life of fresh fruits and vegetables ... wash fruits and vegetables in colloidal silver and water ... allow to dry thoroughly ... doubles the shelf life ... everything else remaining equal.

  • prevent infections ... kills bacteria and viruses on surfaces, including:

  •  MRSA ... recently found in British cows milk

  • Listeria ... as found in the recent US outbreak now linked to 23 deaths

  • E.Coli ... as found in the German outbreak of summer 2011, linked to 39+ deaths and 3500+ ill

  • Flu virus ... all known strains, likely to include the H7N9 subtype, responsible for deaths in China and currently being hyped as a potential "Pandemic Threat".

  • Salmonella ... commonly related to gastroenteritis and typhoid fever

  • Ease the pain and speed healing of sun or heat burns.

  • Provides nearly "Instant Relief" from overly hot (spicy) foods ... just spray some in your mouth and things return to normal.

  • ease gastro intestinal distress caused by bad food.

  •  generally make life easier when disaster strikes.

If you don't have colloidal silver in your disaster "kit", you need to get some.

The most "cost effective" general purpose colloidal silver is the stuff you make yourself.

  • It's inexpensive,

  • can be made as needed ... so it's always fresh

  • the generator is compact and easy to store.

  • The silver supplied with any one of our generators is good for 25 gallons or more of 20ppm cs ... enough to protect roughly 20,000 gallons or more of drinking water.

If you get one of our battery operated cs generators, the batteries can be expected to last 3 or more years in storage. (replacement batteries are common 9 volt dc ... 3 of them)

If you plan to drink colloidal silver, as an ongoing health protective measure, it should be made using distilled water, in a glass container.

You should also consider buying the Model 1109 for the broadest spectrum of  protection.

The "Helping Hand" is on the End of Your Arm

In an unscientific study of Justice Department Data, quoted in the September 06, 2010 Denver Post : children most at risk of attempted abduction by strangers are girls ages 10 to 14 ~ and they escape harm mostly through their own fast thinking or fierce resistance Looking at nearly 3,500 cases, more than 30 percent of children who escaped kicked and screamed; 53 percent ran or otherwise fled the scene. In other words, according to the U.S. Federal government, even kids are more in control of their own safety than the authorities.

(Gosh, do you think this applies to our health as well?)

  1. Health-care costs have more than doubled from $4,793 in 2001 to an average $11,582 per person 2019. As high as the increase is, the super majority of that increase took place between 2001 & 2012. The Affordeable Care Act is the most likely reason for the reduced rate of increase. (The costs are real ... we pay them out of pocket, or as insurance premiums, or as taxes. We Pay  Them!)


  3. I lay responsibility for most of this price rise at the feet of the FDA and Big Pharma, working in concert to unnecessarily increase prices.

  1. The Bottom Line ... Your Financial Health and Your Physical Health are Both Your Responsibility!

      Do the things that will help you stay healthy.

Your life will be better.

Your Wallet will be fatter.




 The threat of a "Flu" or some other epidemic

Is always upon us, and right now the press says we are in the midst of a non-flu


The notion of a Pandemic might actually have some validity.

Or it might not.


I cannot tell you colloidal silver will help prevent covid infections ... the law forbids it
I cannot tell you colloidal silver will help alleviate covid infections ... the law forbids it
I will not tell you colloidal silver is useless in treating or preventing covid infections ... I do not know that to be true

Politicians, worldwide are using the Pandemic as an excuse to politically and economically restructure almost every aspect of life.

Truth & Politicians are "Strange Bedfellows" at best, "Total Strangers" at worst.

Politicians & the Government, at all levels are using a willing Mainstream Media to push their agenda.

Voices "not in harmony" with the pre determined dialogue are being forceably silenced.

The "Mainstream Media" is presently enjoying the lowest level of confidence in my lifetime, and I lived through the LIES & MISINFORMATION ASSOCIATED WITH THE VIETNAM WAR.

The Mainstream Media lies about things you can verify yourself, so how can they be trusted about anything?

Alternative media is sensational, biased & equally untrustworthy.

Facts & data are frequently hidden behind "paywalls".


You might or might not get it RIGHT, but the above notion has worked for centuries, and most of the time with good results.

When is the Flu not Influenza?

Apparently, most of the time.

An article in the BMJ (BMJ 2013;346:f3441 authored by Peter Doshi) noted that about 16% of all diagnosed flu cases, where a physician took  a sample for testing (throat swab, etc.) actually contained influenza virus. That means about 84% of those tests came back negative. Symptoms were PRESUMABLY REAL, but the cause was NOT VIRAL INFLUENZA (probably fungal, bacterial, or contaminated food).

Clearly, even the most effective flu vaccine will not impart immunity to diseases caused by other infectious agents.

  • It's never "Too Early" for a flu shot.

  • Your local Drug or Grocery Store can vaccinate you ( $25.00 or less in my area)

  • Kaiser will vaccinate any of it's members for free.

  • Medical professionals have a moral obligation to be vaccinated FOR EVERYTHING even though Seasonal Flu Vaccines appear to be no more than 3% effective, and  "According to a Rand Corp. survey issued last year, 39 percent of health care professionals said they would not get a flu vaccine". Some estimates place the flu vaccination rate among Dr's and Nurses at 40% or less, and nurses around the country are choosing job loss over vaccination (flu & otherwise). What do those nurses know that the authorities are not telling us? see box comment, below

  • Unvaccinated people put everybody else "at risk". (This one really bothers me ... If vaccines actually protect the vaccinated individual, logically, exposure to unvaccinated people shouldn't matter.) study see #4 below

  • The CDC is always pushing "Herd Immunity", the concept that "if enough of us are vaccinated, nobody will get sick". Herd Immunity does exist. It is commonly associated with sufficient numbers of the "Herd" becoming infected and surviving the affliction to pass immunity on to their offspring, genetically. This notion has been clearly and conclusively demonstrated in animals and appears to hold historical validity in humans.

  • Herd immunity has never been (to my knowledge) induced with a vaccine campaign, which presents some logical problems with any vaccination program touting "Herd Immunity" as a primary objective.

  1. 1. If the vaccine works for you, why does it matter if I am unvaccinated?

  2. 2. Nobody has produced any "proof" that vaccination actually works.

  3. 3. The organization pushing mass vaccinations (CDC) is in the vaccination business. (they hold vaccine patents, licenses and other profitable agreements link)

  4. 4. Vaccination advocates routinely substitute "Character Assassination" for logic when confronted with a demand for facts.

We  are not "ANTI VACCINATION", even though we have read the study (Cochrane Collaboration... a meta analysis or "study of studies" done in conjunction with the Cochrane Medical Library ... the largest medical study repository in the worldtitled  "Vaccines for preventing influenza in Healthy Adults"  which concludes "Influenza vaccines have a modest effect in reducing influenza symptoms and working days lost. There is no evidence that they affect complications, such as pneumonia, or transmission. "  Further, the conclusion contains a warning statement about the funding ... and therefore bias ... of the referenced underlying studies and data.

Click the link above, scroll down to author's conclusions and read it yourself.

We never claim that Colloidal Silver is a substitute for vaccination (though some of our customers might.  I personally never take the "Flu Shot" and don't get the Flu ... coincidence(?) ... well ... maybe ...).

We never claim that Colloidal Silver is a "substitute" for any conventional anti-biotic or anti-viral, even though lab tests indicate that in some cases Colloidal Silver may work better than conventional anti-biotics , and/or may improve the effectiveness of conventional medicines when used with them.

We Do Claim that accurate INFORMATION is the most useful tool available to you in your quest for good health.

I'm unprepared to say that vaccines "Won't Work". After all, I've lived through the introduction of the "Polio Vaccine" and no reasonable person can deny the magnificent benefits that program has provided to humanity. (Note: no disease has been "cured" since "Polio". I attribute this to the fact that a "cure" is bad for business. )

I am afflicted with Cynicism "an attitude of scorn, especially a general distrust of the integrity or professed motives of authority figures."

That said, I do have some concerns about mandatory public vaccination.

Among others:

1. Vaccine advocates claim that It is "unethical" to conduct placebo-controlled studies on vaccines to find out if they actually work. This assertion flies in the face of standard medical practice as reflected by articles published in the New England Journal of Medicine including two recent studies of Brain Cooling ... known to deliver profound benefits ... but randomly eliminated from the treatment of some patients, leaving untreated individuals with predictable brain damage ... to accumulate a statistical base. (reference)

2. Vaccine advocates claim that it's ethical to inject people with biological products, having unknown effects, and unproven benefits ... as long as they're called vaccines.   Say What? see #5 below

3. In a statistical analysis of clinical trials (70,000 subjects) and data by the "Cochrane Collaboration" (issue 7, 2010) "trials showed that under ideal conditions (vaccine completely matching circulating viral configuration) 33 healthy adults need to be vaccinated to avoid one set of influenza symptoms. In average conditions (partially matching vaccine) 100 people need to be vaccinated to avoid one set of influenza symptoms. " In short, Seasonal Flu Vaccine Provides 1%  to 3 % protection from flu symptoms.

4. "Influenza vaccines have a modest effect in reducing influenza symptoms and working days lost. There is no evidence that they effect complications, such as pneumonia, or transmission." Cochrane  Flu Vaccine Comments From Dr. Tim O'Shea

5. The United States Court of Federal Claims has awarded the "Polling Family" a sum in excess of $1,500,000.00 in compensation for "Autism" induced/triggered by a single vaccination for measles, mumps, rubella, polio, varicella, diptheria, pertussis, tetanus, and Haemophilus influenzae. This is the first such award though probably not the last. [LINK TO DOCUMENTATION]

6. I see a vaccine like an umbrella. If I have mine and it starts to rain, I'M DRY. If you don't have one, that's your fault & your problem. This assumes the vaccine actually works. If it does not protect you from infection, or re-infection, HOW DOES MY VACCINATION STATUS MATTER TO YOU?

What's a person to do when the"Authorities" warn of a contagion, that may or may not be unavoidable and may or may not be fatal?

Don't panic.

The notion of  " Do Something, Anything, Even if it's Wrong", in our opinion is silly and dangerous.

We recommend  "Watchful Waiting", and making simple preparations, such as taking adequate vitamin D (see Below), making sure you have adequate supplies of whatever products you believe will help alleviate the symptoms of Flu (or whatever) or shorten the duration (such as activated carbon 'charcoal', colloidal silver, etc.). It's also a good idea to "save up" a few sick days, just in case you need 'em.

(Colloidal Silver works wonders on upset stomachs ... just so you know)

Note: The Flu virus( and other respiratory viruses) directly attacks membranes in the lungs, causing inflammation and sometimes pneumonia. It also discharges toxins ... life cycle wastes ... aeromatic hydrocarbons into the host body. These toxins are typically screened out of the blood by the liver, deposited in bile which enters the gastro intestinal tract near the small intestine. These toxins cause vomiting and diarrhea as the body attempts to expel the poison as rapidly as possible. Dehydration can be a significant risk factor, particularly in children. Activated charcoal ... carbon ... think burned toast ... will absorb and bind toxins, frequently providing relief of symptoms and helping to avoid further complications.



Bill Gates, Microsoft Founder,  at the TED2010 Conference, in a speech titled, �Innovating to Zero!", about 41/2 minutes in, remarked " "First we got population. The world today has 6.8 billion people. That's headed up to about 9 billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent." ... sounds like he thinks new vaccines are a form of population control ... and maybe they are

Facts you might want to consider

when you make any

 Vaccination Decision


In business and in life, we all continuously make "Cost/Benefit analysis's that determine how much we spend and what we spend it on. There are also "non-monetary" costs that are consciously or unconsciously factored into the mental equation.  You, and you alone, have the obligation of determining what is in your best interest. Do your own research prior to accepting or rejecting any vaccination. Don't "believe me", "believe your research".

  • Some vaccines work well ... look at the Polio Vaccine for example.

  • Some vaccines are demonstrably "less effective" check out the "flu vaccine" track record..

  • Some vaccines carry considerable associated risk  (reference)

  • Disease risk (severity, communicability, etc.) may be different than the press claims. (link)

  • Virtually all vaccines contain thimerosal ... a Mercury compound ... plausibly linked to Allergies, Asthma and Autism in children and MS, Diabetes and other health problems in adults. (Dr. Kent Holtorf : Vaccine worse than disease)

  • The patient, alone, is responsible for any ill effect, injury, or death due to vaccination. Manufacturers, Doctors and the Government are immune from all liability.

  • We are seeing reports of "adverse reactions" to the vaccines, in the media.

  • When a "Disease" is "defined by its' symptoms", rather than by its' cause (Autism, MS, Alzheimer's, etc.) I suspect that the "disease" is actually something else that has a "known cause", such as Mercury Poisoning. Re-naming and avoiding a "cause and effect link" avoids liability and may actually increase revenues for the medical community. Many (certainly not all) MS sufferers show rapid and sustained improvement when they have Mercury removed from their systems, including "amalgam fillings"

One of my friends, a 65+ year old retired female, with diabetes but otherwise healthy, took the seasonal flu shot in 2009. Two days later her Pancreas shut down, followed by her Kidneys shutting down and her Liver starting to falter. She went on Dialysis and our congregation began to pray for her in earnest. For several days she was comatose with a "poor prognosis". Her Physician and family thought she was going to die. She has now recovered and her doctor assures her that the flu shot had nothing to do with her condition. I disagree.


My mother-in-law (deceased at 99), when she was about 65, took the "seasonal flu vaccine".

Her physician insisted that she needed the "protection" because she had never had the flu.

She caught the flu that year for the first (and only) time in her life. She was so sick she thought death would have been a blessing. (her words). She has never taken another flu shot, and says she never will.


She claims to not get the flu, even though the "old people" (her term) who take the vaccinations do get it. [My mother-in-law had a difficult time reconciling herself to the fact that she was the oldest person in her residence.]

She resided in an "assisted living center" in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, so the shot would be free.

Scott Clayton

  • I have never taken a "flu vaccination" and have not had the flu for several years. I do take 12000 iu of D3 every day in the winter, plus my normal multi vitamin.

  • I do use colloidal silver.

  • I do sterilize my tooth brush after each use.

  • I am married and monogamous, which limits my exposure to many pathogens.

  • Almost anybody can follow the same protocol  and expect similar results.  

  • No Needles Required.

  • I expect similar results as I deal with other respiratory viruses.





"There are significant risks associated with every immunization and numerous contraindications that may make it dangerous for the shots to be given to your child," Dr. Robert Mendelsohn MD, pediatrician

Link to Vaccination Risk Awareness Network

Consider Going NATURAL!


Silver kills most pathogenic viruses and bacteria ON CONTACT!  No Pathogenic virus or bacteria has ever been proven to mutate and become immune to silver. ( Success Stories)

But Wait ... Won't Silver turn me BLUE?

Good Question ... think about it ... there are an estimated 10,000,000 colloidal silver generators in use in the US right now. How many Blue people have you actually seen? (Maybe they're all hiding)

The national Media is focusing attention on a single individual who took large quantities of Colloidal Silver ... made with tap water ... who has turned dark "smurf  blue" . He continues to take colloidal silver because the CS "apparently" fixed his other physical problems. (I heard the "Blue Guy" claim [on "Oprah"]  that all his other physical ailments "went away" after he began taking large doses of colloidal silver. His claim, not ours.) The story is true, but some pertinent information is conveniently left out of the picture.

  • Anyone making colloidal silver with tap water runs the risk of ingesting other foreign compounds, including silver nitrates. (Nitrate and/or Nitrite contamination of water supplies is fairly common in farming communities) Nitrate poisoning will turn anybody blue, with or without a silver component.

  • Argryia ... the bluish grey color normally associated with silver toxicity can usually be alleviated by adding selenium, vitamin e, silymarin and water to the victim's diet. (link)

  • Argryia is extremely rare ... an estimated 15,000,000 home colloidal silver generators have been sold in the USA over the past 20 years. This implies some multiple of 15,000,000 current USA users of Colloidal Silver.  Colloidal Silver has been associated with a handful of published cases of argryia ... handful is an excessive term, I know of  2.

    • I CAN FIND NO RECORD OF ANYONE WHO EVER DIED FROM COLLOIDAL SILVER (not an FDA approved substance) POISONING , but the FDA says VIOXX ( an FDA approved drug) was responsible for  27,785 deaths from heart ailments from 1999 to 2003. (link)

    Golly, do you suppose the FDA and their friends in the pharmaceutical industry have a monetary interest in making colloidal silver look bad ?

    Deadly Diarrhea

    "Clostridium difficle "


     Hospital/Nursing Home problem

    For many of us, particularly those with elderly parents who are in nursing homes or in and out of hospitals, there is a much more pressing problem.

    According to the CDC, within recent months over 225,000 people, most of them elderly, have contracted a multi drug resistant form of Clostridium difficle while in a hospital or nursing facility.

    Clostridium Difficile  in the drug resistant form known as NAP1 has appeared in Maricopa County, Arizona hospitals. Although Arizona does not specifically track Clostridium Difficile infections, "a Republic analysis of hospital-discharge records shows that from Jan. 1, 2008, to Dec. 31, 2009, patients at Arizona hospitals were identified as having a C. diff infections more than 15,400 times." (

    This problem appears to be directly related to the administration of Keflex (CEPHALEXIN) or other similar strong anti bacterial agents, particularly those leaving Methicillin resistant pathogens unaffected.

    C. difficile bacteria, among others, are normally found in the intestines. When an infection is treated with an antibiotic, such as Keflex, bacteria ... beneficial and harmful alike ... are destroyed. The absence of beneficial bacteria within the intestine allows remaining pathogenic organisms, such as C.difficile to proliferate. C.difficile produces two separate toxins that attack the lining of the intestine.

    The result is an aggressive nasty form of diarrhea that cannot be easily cured (if at all) with conventional antibiotics. Some seniors are dying while family and physicians stand by, unable to effect any meaningful remedy. (Physicians are trained in the use of conventional drugs. If drugs won't fix a problem, many are simply too educationally deficient to resolve the problem.)

    I suspect that the Clostridium difficle problem is mostly avoidable if a person will take the following risk aversion steps prior to the manifestation of a problem.

    Always consult with your healthcare professional before starting, ending, or changing a portion of your healthcare.

    1. Take some "granulated charcoal" immediately following the completion of your course of antibiotics. This is to remove any antibiotic residue in the colon... 3 days, after each meal.

    2. Take some "pro biotic" capsules with each meal for 7 to 10 days.

    3. Take additional prescription anti-biotic substances only if it becomes absolutely necessary.

    Over 30% of those afflicted with Clostridium difficle  are fatally afflicted (die), according to ""  I Quote" Nearly 70% of individuals who become infected with CDAD survive the infection. If the toxin megacolon, which is produced by C. difficle, is present, however, the lower gastrointestinal tract may become dilated. If this occurs, CDAD can be fatal. "


    In test tubes, Colloidal Silver, at 10 ppm, will kill the Clostridium difficle bacteria. Can I promise that COLLOIDAL SILVER will eliminate bacterial diarrhea? ... ABSOLUTELY NOT ... THE LAW FORBIDS IT.

    Colloidal Silver has been used with dramatic beneficial effects for over 100 years by individuals and physicians worldwide.

    Prior to 1938, silver (as a colloid or in one compounded form or other) appeared to be the anti-biotic of choice, worldwide. [MORE INFO]

    Currently, colloidal silver is commonly consumed as a dietary mineral supplement, or applied topically as a self prescribed remedy for burns or bacterial infection. Users tell us that it provides both prevention and relief of symptoms.

    Even though the US FDA refuses to recognize or approve colloidal silver for medicinal purposes, health conscious individuals routinely pay $2 to $7 per ounce in the health food store for the product.

    Interestingly, average people using relatively inexpensive easy to operate equipment , can make colloidal silver at home that is just as good, or in most cases, better, than the products they can purchase over the counter...and SAVE THEMSELVES 90% of the cost. (link)

    We make and sell that equipment.




Nothing on this website is intended to be taken as medical advise. We are not physicians. We do not claim to be physicians. We do not sell products intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. The FDA has not reviewed or approved any statements made on this website. Any use  made of colloidal silver by any person reading this website is presumed to be the sole responsibility of the end user.


Placing an Order


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 PayPal employs full time professional security experts, who's only job is to protect the integrity of credit card data.

We have chosen  PayPal as our payment processor so that we can be sure your transactions are secure and that your money and data will remain safe