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20 Hour Count Down Timer


   Digital Count Down Timer    $9.95

Digital Count Down Timer

        We have in stock handy battery-operated Digital Count Down Timers for timing your colloidal silver batches. They also work great for timing the dryer, long distance phone calls, stuff in the oven, etc. 

This is the kind of timer you can set for various time lengths such as 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes, 40 minutes etc., all of the way up to 20 hours.

After you set the desired length of time, the timer counts down the minutes  until the time is up, then begins beeping with a loud alarm tone to alert you

These sturdy little timers are absolutely perfect for timing your colloidal silver batches (or whatever) so you don't forget and leave anything running too long.  You can use them for timing short 10, 20, 30, 40 or even 50 minute batches (or any increment of time in between) of colloidal silver, or for timing longer concentrated batches taking an hour or more.
These timers are made of a very sturdy, high-quality break-resistant plastic.  They are about two inches long, two inches wide, and a half inch thick. 

They have an easy-to-read digital readout, and are extremely simple to operate.

There are only three buttons:

  • One for starting and stopping the countdown.

  • One for setting the number of minutes.

  • One for setting the number of hours, if needed. 

  • Simple instructions are included. 

  • The timer comes complete with the single battery needed to operate it(Replacement batteries are readily and inexpensively available at Wal-Mart or virtually any discount store.)

To me, one of the neatest things about this handy little timer is the special clip on the back that allows you to clip it to your belt, your shirt pocket or any other convenient part of your clothing.  This way, if you are making a batch of colloidal silver and you need to step into  another room for a while, or go outside and work in the garden, or whatever, you will always hear the alarm tone go off, because the timer is with you, attached conveniently to your clothing. This solves the all-too-common problem of failing to hear the timer, and forgetting you had a batch of colloidal silver (or whatever )brewing!
Plus, the timer also has a small but powerful magnet on the back, so when you are  finished using it you can simply attach it to your refrigerator door, or any other handy metal object where you will best remember it.  This way you will always know where you have it stored. 

You know how hard it is to keep track of small items in a busy household.  But the makers of this timer have thought of everything!  For example, they've even put a handy  fold-out stand on the back (like those you find on small picture frames) so you can easily and conveniently stand the timer up on any flat surface such as your kitchen table or counter top.
In short:

  • you can clip it to your clothing with the built-in clip.

  •  you can attach it to your refrigerator door with the built-in magnet.

  •  you can stand it up on any counter top or table with the built-in stand. 

It's an absolute jewel of a little timer!  It is simply the handiest and most useful addition to your colloidal silver generator you could ever get. You generally can't find these handy little digital timers in stores, although we have seen them in specialty catalogues for as much as $19.95.  But our  price is just $9.95, plus $5.50 s&h (we ship by Priority mail, to get your order to you as quickly as possible).  Colorado  residents add 2.9% sales tax, or the correct tax for your area.

   Digital Count Down Timer    $9.95

110 Volt "Appliance Timer"

This is a replacement timer for the USP or USP II generator set.

It's a simple  "plug -in" mechanical timer, with integral set pins (they never get lost) for use on 110 to 120 volt ac circuitry.

It has a 15 amp capacity and is compatible with almost anything that uses 15 amps or less standard (US) wall current.

Quantity:   110 volt appliance timer, $12.00 plus s&h


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