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Congratulations on your purchase of our new USP II Colloidal Silver Generator.

Even though this generator model is brand newwe never made one like it before..&..we’ve never seen one like it anywhere else…the technology and electronics are tested and reliable.

We know how it should work, how it does work, and that it can reasonably be expected to perform its’ function, in a trouble free fashion, for most if not all, of your lifetime.

Because it contains a "pump", the possibility of mechanical malfunction exists. However, with over 1500 similar models in the "field", (as of this writing) less than 5 have been returned for repairs.

We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the operation of your New USP II Generator. In fact, if you are not satisfied with any piece of equipment that we have sold, you have 30 days to return it for a full refund of the purchase price.

Additionally, we service what we sell…or offer to do so. Our equipment is designed and constructed using components that are all rated to out-live our customers. We do very little service because the stuff almost never "breaks down or wears out". We designed it and built it as if we were buying it ourselves.

"We provide a 30 day, money back, satisfaction guarantee on the products we sell."If you are dis-satisfied with your purchase, within 30 days, simply call us at 970-545-2360, get a return material authorization number, send it back in re-salable condition, and we will refund your money, less shipping & handling Purchaser waives the right to any refund under this guarantee, or the warranty below, by breaking any seal on any product or the seal on any "container filled with consumables"

For a period of one (1) year, from the date of purchase, all products we sell (excluding batteries and other consumables) are warranted to perform the function for which they are intended. This does not include Misuse or Abuse…they are not indestructible. If any product fails to perform satisfactorily within this period, in residential use, contact us @ 970-545-2360, get a return material authorization number, send it back to us, and we will, at our sole option, repair or replace the item at no charge to you, except for return postage. In the event that, for any reason, we are unable to repair or replace the item, we may refund your purchase price to fulfill this obligation. Our maximum liability under this warranty is equal to the purchase price of the warranted item. We make no other warranty, expressed or implied, and expressly deny any responsibility for consequential liability of every sort, whatsoever.")

As you are probably aware, in early 2002, after nearly 6 years of colloidal silver generator design and manufacturing, we introduced the USP generator. As neat as it is, the USP Generator was never intended to replace your "conventional Colloidal Silver" generator.

The primary motivation for developing a "USP" generator is that "conventional Colloidal Silver" does not work well against viral and mycoplasmal pathogens. Conventional colloidal silver, as you know, is highly effective against bacterial pathogens. Due to particle size, conventional colloidal silver, when ingested as a mineral supplement, confines most of its’ action to the Gastro Intestinal Tract, where it works best against bacterial or fungal pathogens. Smaller "stealth" pathogens are usually unaffected by "conventional Colloidal Silver" because these critters can get into places where conventional colloidal silver particles will never reach.

The particles generated by the USP Colloidal Silver generator (ranging from roughly 1 silver atom to 24 silver atoms in diameter) seem to solve this problem even though USP colloidal silver reaches saturation at about 3 ppm silver (a measurement by weight) as opposed to 5 to 40 ppm in conventional colloidal silver.. The particles generated by the USP generator are so small that they appear effective against pathogens, including some common viruses, both within and outside the Gastro Intestinal tract. At least, that is what we have concluded from customer and user comments.

Customers tell us they have seen colds, flu, herpes, and other viral based conditions "go away" with amazing rapidity when using USP CS.

For Example:


As I said before, "As neat as it is, the Usp Generator was never intended to replace your "conventional Colloidal Silver" generator."
The tiny particles generated by our USP generator work great when we are dealing with viruses and mycoplasmal pathogens. However, the "conventional Colloidal Silver" particles work best when we are dealing with bacteria and larger pathogens…It’s kind of like HUNTING…Pick the proper size of ammo for the prey you want to kill.

(we have noticed that the USP colloidal silver, while it does work against anti-biotic resistant staph…in the laboratory…it doesn’t work AS WELL against that bacterial pathogen as Conventional Colloidal Silver does.)

We’ve also noticed, during the last two years, that there are significant advantages to using a "stirring mechanism" while generating CONVENTIONAL colloidal silver.

One of these advantages is that "stirring" avoids the "electrical bridging" problem that can occur with an "unstirred suspension". Electrical bridging contributes to the formation of larger particles during the generation process.

That is not to say that your "old battery operated generator" is now useless…quite the contrary…the colloidal silver you have generated for years is still as good as ever…we just feel that there is room for improvement.

With these concepts in mind, we have created a generator design that can be used to generate

Amazingly enough, the generator is really easy to operate. It only has one switch…USP or CONVENTIONAL

For USP the time is always 3 hrs, the water is always plain distilled water with NO SALT.

For CONVENTIONAL cs, the time chart is on the side of the "systems box" Simply decide whether you want to use salt or not and set the timer for the strength you need.

EASY really is the best description for operating this generator. As I mentioned above, basic instructions are even printed on the box…nothing to loose, no guesswork!

Because the generator uses a "pump", it will only operate from 110vac. Battery operations are simply impractical.

However, even this aspect of the generator has a bright side…since we include a timer, you can simply SET IT AND FORGET IT…That’s right, you can set this generator up to do it’s job, walk away, and come back at your leisure to a fresh batch of colloidal silver.

Each batch of colloidal silver you make will be a full quart.

That’s roughly twice the size of the batches you are used to making, But It’s EASY to find the EXACT RIGHT SIZE OF CONTAINER TO MAKE IT IN.

Because the process is timed, you can make "no salt" CS anytime you want…it’s no real trouble, and you don’t have to worry about "running down your batteries".

You have the option of making USP colloidal silver when the flu or cold season is in full swing.

Or making "conventional" CS…for water purification, to extend the shelf life of milk, to cook turkey & stuffing without worrying about salmonella (just rinse out the body cavity on the turkey with cs & make the stuffing "broth" with cs to minimise bacterial growth), or treat burns, or do any of the multitude of other things you’ve always done with colloidal silver.

You don’t need to worry about "over cooking" or "under cooking" a batch.

You don’t have to worry about listening for a timer to "go off" so that you can "monitor" your colloidal silver. Provided, of course, that you are willing to check on the batch before the 24 hour timer runs it again.



Zipper Bag Carrying Case (not shown)

  1. Timer
    • 110vac appliance timer
  2. Systems box with:
    • 110vac input POWER CORD
    1. Power Head with:
      • two (2) ELECTRODE JACKS
      • RED "LED" process indicator (light) for conventional CS operations
      • GREEN "LED" process indicator (light) for USP CS operations
      • TWO POSITION SWITCH, with color coded label, for setting USP or conventional operations
    2. .9999 FINE SILVER ELECTRODES (2) [slightly flattened on one end]
    3. SCRUBBER PAD (1) for cleaning/shining silver electrodes
    4. Instruction Set. (not shown)

    Everything necessary to make "Ultra Small Particle CS´, or conventional CS is included, EXCEPT ;

    DISTILLED WATER and one(1) (GLASS) QUART JAR (wrapped to achieve complete opacity)


    We did  include pure salt and a salt solution container…this can be used to make conventional CS, but it is not necessary.

    Salt impairs the formation of "ions" when USP CS is being generated, so it should NEVER BE USED when generating USP CS.


    1. Carefully stretch  the "24vdc POWER SUPPLY" and the "PRIMARY AIR TUBE" out to full length. You will note that they are tied together with "zip ties" to prevent tangling, and to prevent the "FLEXIBLE AIR TUBE" from becoming detached inside the "SYSTEMS BOX".
    2. Straighten the silver electrodes by rolling them between a book and a countertop, (or between your hand and a flat surface). Make certain the electrodes are clean & shiny, polish them with the scrubber pad if necessary. Insert the flattened end of each into one of the "electrode Jacks" on the bottom of the powerhead.
    3. Place the "RIGID AIR TUBE" (attached to the end of the "FLEXIBLE AIR TUBE") through the upper and lower rigid air tube openings (in the power head), so that the open end will extend into the quart jar during operation. (see figure 2)
    4. Set the "TIMER" for three(3) hours (or other appropriate time period if you are making conventional cs) (see the timer manufacturer’s instructions and the chart on the side of the systems box).
    5. Plug the "110vac POWER CORD" (which comes out of the "SYSTEMS BOX") into the timer.




    1.      Obtain a clean "quart" jar.

    ·            Make the outside of the jar totally opaque by wrapping it in "duct tape, or electrical tape, or covering it with black craft paper.

    ·            Be sure that when you are finished, the jar is stable when it sits on a table or countertop.

    2.      Fill the jar to within one (1) inch of the top with distilled water .


    ·            All tests and calibrations have been done with "room temperature" water, (72 deg.F), so that is what we recommend.

    ·            Home distillers are problematic, as the quality of water they produce varies greatly. The quality of the cs you produce depends heavily on the quality of water you use. We cannot recommend the use of "home distilled" or "purified" water in the production of cs. This is especially true for USP cs.

    3.      Place the "SYSTEMS BOX " within easy reach of the jar, and ABOVE the water level in the jar,

    4.      Place the POWER HEAD ( assembled, with electrodes and rigid air tubing in place) on top of the jar, with the electrodes and air tubing extending into the water.

    Plug the TIMER into a suitable power source (the SYSTEMS BOX should already be plugged into the timer). The timer will plug directly into the wall outlet.


    1. Follow instructions 1 through 5 above
    2. Be sure the timer is set for three (3) hours. (For ultra fine particle size, 3hrs is the OPTIMUM time the generator can be run) Running this generator longer than 3.5 hrs. will make a CS suspension with particle sizes LARGER than the design size, which defeats the purpose of this generator..
    3. Start the timer.
    4. When the timer shuts off, make use of your "ultra fine particle CS".
    5. "ultra fine particle CS" is always clear if it is properly made. If the solution you have made is not clear, there is a problem (probably with the water you are using). We suggest that if yours is not clear, you should go buy some distilled water and start over.


    1. Follow general instructions 1 through 5 on the previous page
    2. Consult the timing chart on the side of the systems box for the appropriate strength
    3. Set the timer for the ppm you require.
    4. When the timer shuts off, use your fresh CS.

    For "unstirred CS"…just like we all used to make, simply pull the bubbler tube out of the power head and allow the air to blow out on the counter…THE PUMP IS DESIGNED FOR A LIFETIME OF USE…THIS WILL NOT DAMAGE YOUR PUMP IN ANY WAY.

    Notes on the "low voltage" USP II COLLOIDAL SILVER GENERATOR

    This generator is constructed according to principles set forth in published engineering reports.

    Our design, utilizing these published principles is unique in a number of ways, including (but not limited to) the incorporation of the following user friendly features:

    1. Long supply leads, allowing for easy placement of the SYSTEMS BOX in relation to the power supply and CS being generated
    2. Separate SYSTEMS BOX and POWER HEAD, for a safe, user friendly system. (voltage, at the electrode, is less than 7 vdc )
    3. Electrode jack connectors in the POWER HEAD, providing consistent reliable electrode spacing.
    4. Durable, dependable solid state circuitry provides accurate and consistent process power
    5. A simple, reliable and replaceable timer, for consistent dependable results.

    The conventional colloidal silver generated by this device contains both particles & ions. Particles and ions will be fairly evenly dispersed throughout the suspension due to the stirring action. Particle size will vary through a fairly broad range, from roughly .25 nanometer to roughly 7000 nanometers. The largest number of particles will be in the middle of this range. 1 micrometer equals 1000 nanometers.

    This generator can, consistently generate colloidal suspensions with silver weight up to about 40 ppm, which appears to be the approximate practical maximum concentration for elector-colloidal silver.

    PPM is a proportion by weight.

    When ppm begins to rise above 40 ppm, depending on water temperature and other variables, silver "nuggets" will begin to appear in the suspension due to agglomeration.

    For suspensions with a concentration above 40ppm, (electro-colloidal silver, anyway) additives are required.

    The most common form of additive is gelatin, which can be used to create "mild silver protein".

    The protein keeps the silver from agglomerating, but the protein keeps the silver from touching bacteria that may contaminate the silver suspension.

    Some mild silver protein products have demonstrated fungal growth and other forms of dangerous contamination on the protein surrounding the silver particles.


    The USP CS generated by this generator contains particles too small to be detected with a lazer pointer, though their presence can be detected electrically, through a change in the conductivity of the water. (And, if you are the sort to put things in your mouth, they can be tasted.)

    The "ppm" of the cs generated when making USP cs will be approximately 3ppm. Bear in mind, ppm is a proportion by weight, and has nothing to do with the number of discrete particles..

    "ultra fine particle CS" is always clear if it is properly made. If the solution you have made is not clear, there is a problem (probably with the water you are using). We suggest that if yours is not clear, you should go buy some distilled water and start over.

    The particles are charged, and because they are very small, they loose their charge fairly rapidly. They are also very susceptible to light and electromagnetic fields.

    When the particles loose their charge, they agglomerate (stick together) forming larger particles.

    The implication is that ULTRA FINE PARTICLE CS should be used, to accomplish whatever specific purpose you have in mind, while it is still fairly "fresh". USP CS can be stored for a month or more at room temperatures in total darkness. HOWEVER, we feel FRESH IS BEST for most purposes..

    CS, of any sort, should be stored in a room-temperature, dark location (kept out of direct sunlight or fluorescent light).

    CS in storage, should always be kept away from electrical fields, kept out of refrigerators and stored in glass (plastic tends to be somewhat conductive causing the silver particles to loose their charge and get unacceptably large).

    Some authorities on the subject of colloids have suggested that particles of the size created by this generator, (silver ions really), do not actually form a colloidal suspension, but are more similar to a silver solution. Based on the electrical changes we have observed in the liquid, this makes some sense, though I do not possess the formal credentials to express a "qualified opinion".

    We are manufacturers and mail-order retailers of Colloidal Silver Generators.

    As such, we are unable to provide information regarding uses of Colloidal Silver.

    Our products are not intended for diagnostic or treatment purposes.


    You can purchase additional strands of 14 gauge ultra-pure .9999 fine silver rod direct from the distribution company at the address below. The price is $26.50 including s&h. for each 12 inch strand of silver rod (1 pair of electrodes).

    For a limited time only, you can purchase silver rod in bulk at a significant discount: five feet of .9999 pure silver rod for only $94.50 (that’s only $18.90 per foot), or ten feet of .9999 pure silver rod for only $155, including s&h (that’s only $15.50 per foot)!

    Order online using your Visa , Mastercard, or American Express orDiscover. Or: Just send your check or money order to:


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