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USP Colloidal Silver...small...smaller...smallest particles

Also Known As nano-particle silver

Prior to 2002, there was no way for a "home user" to safely, effectively & consistently generate colloidal silver with a particle size range smaller than conventional colloidal silver. A smaller size range offers the potential for remediation of symptoms relating to viral and deeply seated bacterial infections, at least in theory. (In theory, some "high voltage" CS generators may have come close to achieving the desired result. In actual operation we found those units to be just plain scary. While we were testing one such unit, our "Lab Tech" burned a hole through his thumb�clear through the nail, meat & bone�It took weeks to heal�This type of generator fails to meet our standards for "safe operation".)

In 2002 Silver Bullet Enterprises introduced the USP generator, a safe "Low Voltage" device that generates colloidal silver with particles ranging from "less than 1 nanometer to 6 nanometers" in size. Or, in layman�s terms, particles of 1 atom to 24 atoms in diameter. These particles are actually small enough to pass through cell walls and even small enough to penetrate into the places where viruses & mycoplasmas hide

Even though we don�t have any "clinical evidence" that says USP colloidal silver will kill West Nile Virus, the reports we get from our customers lead us to believe that USP colloidal silver will probably be effective against it. (10/26/04 I just heard from Cindy L. of Louisiana, who informed me that her "West Nile" virus, which had resisted all forms of conventional medical treatment RESOLVED WITHIN TWO DAYS AFTER SHE BEGAN USING USP cs made with one of our generators!) Users of our USP generators routinely report to us that they see a relief of flu symptoms and other viral infections within 24 hrs.

As I just mentioned, in early 2002 we introduced the USP generator. As neat as it is, the USP Generator was never intended to replace your "conventional Colloidal Silver" generator� assuming you already have one�

The primary motivation for developing a "USP" generator is that "conventional Colloidal Silver" is highly effective against bacterial pathogens, everywhere, and viral pathogens in test tubes but works poorly in the human body against viral and mycoplasmal pathogens.

This is due to particle size, and the fact that silver is not soluble in stomach acid. Conventional colloidal silver, when ingested as a mineral supplement, confines most of its� action to the Gastro Intestinal Tract because it has virtually nowhere else to go.

Smaller "stealth" pathogens are usually unaffected by "conventional Colloidal Silver" because these critters can get into places where conventional colloidal silver particles will never reach.

(Silver Bullet Enterprises' Conventional Colloidal Silver Generator, DC)

The particles generated by the USP Colloidal Silver generator ( ".23 nanometer to 6 nanometers"�1000 nanometer = 1 micron) seem to solve this problem even though USP colloidal silver reaches saturation at about 3 ppm silver (ppm is a measurement by weight) as opposed to 5 to 40 ppm in conventional colloidal silver.

The particles generated by the USP generator are so small and penetrate so deeply that they appear effective against many pathogens, including some common viruses & the "lyme disease spirochete" both within and outside the Gastro Intestinal tract. At least, that is what we have concluded from customer and user comments.

Customers tell us they have seen colds, flu, herpes, and other viral based conditions "go away" with amazing rapidity when using USP CS. (We�ve even heard that it works against "West Nile". When our customer�s symptoms "went away"�5 days�, she felt no need to pay for verification of "West Nile" so this remains a "self diagnosis" report.)

Home Healthcare Victories (examples)

The results you see in this section are not guaranteed. Over time, we have come to expect this type of result, BUT...every body reacts differently to illness. Your results may vary...they may be better or worse. When treating an illness, please consult with a licensed medical professional. We are NOT Licensed Medical Professionals. To the best of our knowledge, the information contained in this section is true & correct.


Silver Nano-Particle HIV Study, as reported in Nano and Quantum Physics, October 14, 2005

As I said before, "As neat as it is, the USP Generator was never intended to replace your "conventional Colloidal Silver" generator."
The tiny particles generated by our USP generator work great when we are dealing with viruses and mycoplasmal pathogens. However, the "conventional Colloidal Silver" particles work best when we are dealing with bacteria and larger pathogens�It�s kind of like HUNTING�Pick the proper size of ammo for the prey you want to kill. (we have noticed that the USP colloidal silver, while it does work against anti-biotic resistant staph�in the laboratory�it doesn�t work AS WELL against that bacterial pathogen as Conventional Colloidal Silver does.)

We�ve also noticed, during the last several years, that there are significant advantages to using a "stirring mechanism" while generating CONVENTIONAL colloidal silver. One of these advantages is that "stirring" avoids the "electrical bridging" problem that can occur with an "unstirred suspension". Electrical bridging contributes to the formation of larger particles during the generation process.

That is not to say that your "old battery operated generator" is now useless�quite the contrary�the colloidal silver you have generated for years is still as good as ever�we just feel that there is room for improvement.

With these concepts in mind, we have created The USP & USPII CS Generators.

The "Home Companion" for your present Colloidal Silver Generator

The USP Generator is intended as a "companion" generator, for those who already own a dependable conventional colloidal silver generator and want to "step up" to the next level of protection. It provides the small particle colloidal silver you may want when conventional colloidal silver particles are just too large to penetrate into the areas where "stealth" pathogens are hiding. The generator comes in a carrying case with everything you need to make the USP CS except water & a quart bottle.USP Generator

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The "Single-Source" Colloidal Silver Solution

The USPII Generator is intended as a "single source" generator for those who want the full benefit of colloidal silver (large or small particles as the need dictates) without paying for or fussing with multiple pieces of equipment. It provides users with the full measure of protection available from Colloidal Silver in one simple, easy to use, money saving package.

Buy a New USP II generator and take $40.00 off the manufacturer�s list price. List price is $384.95 PLUS $12.50 S&H.  Your cost is 344.95 Including shipping and handling. You save $47.50, and receive BONUS copies of:

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This generator is designed to make the following types of colloidal silver:

Amazingly enough, the generator is really easy to operate. It only has one switch�USP or CONVENTIONAL

For USP the time is always 3 hrs, the water is always plain distilled water with NO SALT.

For CONVENTIONAL cs, the time chart is on the side of the "systems box" Simply decide whether you want to use salt or not and set the timer for the strength you need.

EASY really is the best description for operating this generator. As I mentioned above, basic instructions are even printed on the box�nothing to loose, no guesswork!

Because the generator uses a "pump", it will only operate from 110vac. Battery operations are simply impractical.

However, even this aspect of the generator has a bright side�since we include a timer, you can simply SET IT AND FORGET IT�That�s right, you can set this generator up to do it�s job, walk away, and come back at your leisure to a fresh batch of colloidal silver.

Each batch of colloidal silver you make will be a full quart. (32 oz)

Many other CS generators are calibrated for smaller batches, and sometimes correctly sized containers are hard to locate. We chose this size, in part, because it�s easy to find a 1 qt, glass jar. The Exact Size "glass container" that you need to make high quality CS at home is readily available just about everywhere!

Because the process is timed, you can make "no salt" CS anytime you want�it�s no real trouble, and you don�t have to worry about "running down your batteries".

You have the option of making USP colloidal silver when the flu or cold season is in full swing. Or, you can experimentally treat "untreatable" problems like "fibromyalgia" (we have heard one report of symptomatic relief, beginning on the 14th day of taking 4oz 3 times daily�the report is unconfirmed and there is no guarantee that results would be comparable for anyone else.)

Or making "conventional" CS�for water purification, to extend the shelf life of milk, to cook turkey & stuffing without worrying about salmonella (just rinse out the body cavity on the turkey with cs & make the stuffing "broth" with cs�a couple of tablespoons of 5ppm should do it�to minimize bacterial growth), treat the "salmonella" you got from home-made hollandaise sauce [4oz of 5ppm conventional cs relieves symptoms almost immediately�I realize I should know better..ed� uncooked egg yolks are a prime source of salmonella) or treat burns [topical application for heat or sun burns], or do any of the multitude of other things you�ve always done with colloidal silver.

You don�t need to worry about "over cooking" or "under cooking" a batch.

You don�t have to worry about listening for a timer to "go off" so that you can "monitor" your colloidal silver. Provided, of course, that you are willing to check on the batch before the 24 hour timer runs it again.

Your new "Silver Bullet Enterprises" generator (every model) has our "Satisfaction Guarantee" & 1 year Warrantee�you can actually "Try It Out" for 30 days and return it for a full refund if you are dissatisfied.



USP Generator Quantity: Sale priced @ $349.95, including S&H

NEW USP II Quantity: Sale priced @ $299.95, including S&H

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Buyer Beware...You usually get pretty much what you pay for.

There are other companies selling equipment and claiming that it is the "same" as ours. It is NOT.

They have not spent the time or money to develop sophisticated electronics for controlling the generation process that we have spent.

This is not only true of those who sell nano-particle, microparticle or similar generators, it is also true of many manufacturers selling low priced "DC" generators.

Many of the "low priced" DC generators can fairly be referred to as "mud makers".  In the simplest of designs, ampacity is not balanced with voltage and the silver particle size tends to be overly large. ( Generating "conventional CS" with three batteries hooked to two silver wires works, but not well... Stan Jones used this type of rig and developed Argyria. This was partly due to the ingestion of large quantities of unknown strength Colloidal Silver, partly due to large particle size, and partly due to the use of "tap water" in the generation process. (None of our customers...over 20,000... has ever mentioned having this condition.)

Argyria is a problem that we believe can be remedied, but who needs the grief? precautions link

Further, any manufacturer who claims that his equipment will make Colloidal Silver that can be stored for long periods in "plastic" containers, or that is "unaffected by sunlight" is  lying to you. ( Physics does not change just because we want it to.)

Colloidal silver...that is, "Pure Silver" Suspended in "Pure Water" is relatively "non-toxic". Silver compounds, however, are problematic, at best.

Any Manufacturer who claims that his equipment can be used to make "Colloidal Silver" using "Tap Water" is just begging you to hurt yourself. Tap water contains a large number of chemicals (minerals & other compounds) in addition to the water. When it is used to make Colloidal Silver, the resulting product will contain silver compounds, which may or may not be toxic. There is no way to know for sure!

As I said before, you get pretty much what you pay for. Our equipment is satisfaction guaranteed for 30 days, and warranted for a period of a full year.

 See our disclaimer page, which also carries warranty information.

After the first year, we service what we sell...though very little service is required.



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