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We are retailers of Colloidal Silver Generation Equipment. We believe that the information we provide and the equipment we sell can help you to improve the quality of life for yourself and your family . That is our goal. 

The essential task of every truth seeker is: "to balance credulity and skepticism equally, impossible without the trait of intense humility in the presence of an unknowable universe" (Carl Sagan "The Burden of Skepticism").

 In the hands of clear thinkers, reality will reveal itself.

Colloidal Silver Usage


Colloidal Silver has been used with dramatic beneficial effects for over 100 years by individuals and physicians worldwide.

Common uses include both prevention of infection and relief from existing conditions.

If the “anecdotal evidence” (
patient or physician stories…not ‘funded studies’) is to be believed, suffers of: AIDS, Acne, Anthrax, Brown Recluse Spider bites, Burns (heat & sun, Bedsores, Cancer (some forms), common colds, eczema, Flu, 24 hr Flu, food poisoning, Herpes, Hepatitis C, Mycoplasmal infections, SARS, Strep, Staph, Stomach Ulcers, and numerous other conditions related to infectious agents (pathogens) have benefited from Colloidal Silver Usage. Some users...not physicians or medical professionals (who never cure anything) ... have been known to refer to Colloidal Silver as "THE CURE"!

Many individuals who are concerned about a "general societal collapse" (a time that antibiotics may be unavailable) together with those who just want some degree of independance from an arbitrary and expensive medical system, depend upon Colloidal Silver to help assure their own good health.

Despite tens of thousands of documented cases of successful Colloidal Silver usage and a history of thousands of years of medicinal silver usage , the FDA has chosen to refuse to recognize any benefit from Colloidal Silver Usage. (A portion of FDA wages is derived from drug company fees. Colloidal Silver is not patentable. Using relatively inexpensive equipment, high quality Colloidal Silver can be generated at home, on demand, by average people.

Colloidal Silver usage may, potentially, reduce the demand for some vaccines and antibiotics. Draw your own conclusions.)


Documented evidence indicates that the risks associated with Colloidal Silver usage are LOW.
Even those risks can be minimized or avoided entirely by :
1. Taking reasonable precautions when using Colloidal Silver
2. Knowing the subtle symptoms of a bad reaction
3. Being aware of your own body & its’ reactions
4. Taking corrective action to alleviate the problem if one starts to occur

With your continued good health and beneficial use of Colloidal Silver in mind, we present

      The Colloidal Silver Precautions

Everything in life and in nature has the potential for good and ill. 
Colloidal Silver is no exception

According to the EPA potentially problematic conditions associated with silver ingestion include:
Argyria (a gray or bluish gray skin discoloration caused by an accumulation of silver in the dermal layer)
"The critical effect in humans ingesting silver is argyria, a medically benign but permanent bluish-gray discoloration of the skin. Argyria results from the
deposition of silver in the dermis and also from silver-induced production of melanin. Although silver has been shown to be uniformly deposited in exposed and unexposed areas, the increased pigmentation becomes more pronounced in areas exposed to sunlight due to photoactivated reduction of the metal. Although the deposition of silver is permanent, it is not associated with any adverse health effects. No pathologic changes or inflammatory reactions have been shown to result from silver deposition."

The EPA has no record on file of any person having contracted argyria through the use of  liquid colloidal silver. 
The records of argyria on file at the EPA date to the 1930's and earlier.

"Gaul and Staud (1935) reported 70 cases of generalized argyria following organic and colloidal silver medication, including 13 cases of generalized "..argyria following intravenous silver arsphenamine injection therapy Argyria developed after a total dose of 4,7 or 8 g in some patients, while in others, argyria did not develop until after a total dose of 10, 15 or 20g."

"The authors concluded that argyria may become clinically apparent after a total accumulated i.v. (intra- veinous) Dose of approximately 8 g of silver arsphenamine. The book entitled "Argyria. The Pharmacology  of  Silver" reached the same conclusion."

All these cases appear to have been caused by the ingestion of silver compounds or silver powder. None were caused by the usage of liquid colloidal silver. Furthermore, the most common cause appears to be related to treatments involving injection of  silver compounds.

As an additional consideration, the EPA reports that 90 to 99% of ingested silver is excreted through the gastro-intestinal tract within two (2) days.                                                                                               
"Furchner et al. (1968) studied the absorption and retention of ingested silver (as silver nitrate
, amount not specified) in mice, rats, monkeys and dogs. In all four species, very little silver was absorbed from the GI tract. Cumulative
excretion ranged from 90 to 99% on the second day after ingestion, with <1% of  the dose being retained in <1 week in monkeys, rats and mice. Dogs had a slightly greater retention."

This does not mean that the potential for argyria can be ignored. It just indicates that one should be prudent in his/her consumption of any form of silver.

The EPA rates the risk of argyria from Silver usage as low (A reputed cure(?) for Argyria)

Vitamin E and Selenium deficiency (Vitamin E & Selenium are pre-cursors to glutathione production)

Silver & Selenium displace each other in the body, and Silver appears to deplete vitamin E stores. Both of these are necessary for the production of glutathione, which is the primary liver enzyme.

This is important due to the symptoms which MAY (or may not) OCCUR in conjunction with silver toxicity.

All the adverse symptoms related to silver toxicity appear to be caused by or related to glutathione deficiency. Glutathione deficiency can generally be avoided by supplementing with selenium & vitamin E (preferably mixed tocopherols).

If a person has elected to supplement with colloidal silver, it would appear pragmatic to do so long enough before or after supplementation with vitamin E & selenium to prevent the products from being in the stomach at the same time.

These adverse symptoms are most likely to appear in conjunction with long-term supplementation.

Roger Altman Eng. Sc. D. , in his book "Colloidal Silver: Where does it go when you drink it? How long does it stay there?" , copyright 1999, states :

Ingestion of properly prepared CS does not result in silver accumulating in the body. There is no evidence that silver deposits significantly in hair or fingernails and, in fact, the data support the conclusion that after taking more than 2 mg of CS per day for several months, silver seems to be purged from the body (mostly through urine) at about the same rate at which it is consumed. Furthermore, upon terminating CS intake, it appears that as much as half the silver residing in body tissue will be purged (through urine and feces, but more and more through feces as time goes on) In less than a month. Even this relatively short residence time could be reduced substantially if several liters of water were consumed daily."

Mr. Altman's work utilized a single subject, (himself) and therefore is statistically and technically of little value. However, his tests and other methodology appear both  pragmatic and sound, providing the reader some valid direction in seeking the truth of the matter. Mr. Altman's e-mail address is:
Diarrhea - We understand that the initial ingestion of Colloidal Silver may cause a "die off" of bacteria in the gastro-intestinal tract. This results in an almost immediate, but short-lived case of diarrhea. This appears to be the body's way of eliminating dead pathogens. The easiest method of preventing this phenomenon appears to be "start with a small dose and increase incrementally until the desired dosage is reached."
This particular bit of information has been relayed to us by word of mouth, and should be considered anecdotal.

Conflicts with prescription medications -We have not read of any specific    contra-indications or interactions with prescription medications. However, new medicines are being introduced almost daily, and anything is possible. As an example, grapefruit causes problems with some medications. Consult your Medical Professional prior to starting or changing any course of treatment.

Colloidal Silver, when taken in conjunction with anti bacterial and anti viral medications appears to magnify the beneficial effect. The amount of the magnification varies greatly. While the net effect tends to be beneficial, unpredictablity can be issue.

Silver allergies - We find no record of this occurrenceThat doesn't mean that it cannot occur, just that we have not found a record of such an occurrence.

Silver Toxicity - the known symptoms are shown below. Utilizing the maxim "If the results you are getting are not what you desire, DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT ", the author recommends vigilant observation of one's own  symptoms.

Based on the studies referenced above, the following dietary changes:
  • the addition of selenium, & vitamin e,

  • adding copious amounts of purified water

  • reducing the known amounts of silver intake (ingested or otherwise)
may help alleviate temporary silver toxicity. Also , seek professional help if there is a   problem. Do not conceal any information from your Physician.. No-one's Judgment Is Any Better Than His (Her) Knowledge Of The Facts

The following set of symptoms relating to severe silver toxicity  does not appear to have sufficient credibility to require any form of mention by the US EPA, or the US FDA

The silver administered in homeopathic care includes various silver powders and silver compounds, as opposed to liquid colloidal silver.

However, the following  information does come from the "LECTURES ON HOMEOPATHIC MATERIA  MEDICA", by JAMES TYLER KENT, A.M., M.D. Late Professor of Materia Medica in Hering College, Chicago.

These symptoms have been included as guidelines. It is always better to be aware of all possibilities than to get an unpleasant surprise. As we mentioned above, the FDA & EPA appear to give no credence to this information.




Description of Metallic Silver poisoning as a byproduct of homeopathic treatments for various disorders.
  • Silver Metal Poisoning Toxicity Symptomology
  • Anti Psoric and possibly anti-sycotic
  • Direct effect on cartilage
  • Direct effect on nerves and nerve sheaths
  • Effects the brain/nervous system over time
  • gradually softens tissues
  • targets "intellectual" sections of the brain
  • Slight changes to voluntary systems ( undefined )
  • May affect reasoning abilities
  • Physical symptoms of neck and back pain, and tearing pain throughout body
  • Mental fatigue and restlessness with vertigo

  • Typical Symptom characteristics:

    Symptoms masked by coffee/caffeine intake

    Symptoms temporarily relieved by exercise

    Cold weather increases pain from Rheumatism

    Increased joint pain

    knotting of cartilage

    Effects left testes and right ovaries ( hardening )

    Mental and emotional excitement to the point of rage

    Experience of shock sensations in the limbs upon going to sleep

    Skin irritation, itching sensation that cannot be relieved

    Painful tension in the throat

    Gray mucus from throat and sinuses

    Heart Palpitations while lying on the back

    No other usage precautions are clearly defined in any literature or documentation that we have been able to locate.

    Quotes referring to the EPA come directly from The EPA report " Silver; CASRN 7440-22-4"
    Which is publicly available on the web.
    Information attributed to the "Life Extension Foundation " is available on their  website, and similar information is available elsewhere, with comparable conclusions.

    The FDA has issued a Final Rule declaring that all over- the-counter (OTC) drug    products containing colloidal silver or silver salts are not recognized as safe and effective and are misbranded.

    Emphasis within quoted passages may be attributed to the author of this piece.

    EPA (website)           HOME           FDA

    Because we believe, along with others, that colloidal silver may help maintain general good health even for a person exposed to certain deadly bacteria and/or viruses ... possibly including MRSA ... We are "at odds" with the FDA.

    If your research leads you to agree with us, we are here to help you turn your knowledge into effective action for the protection of yourself and your loved ones.

    Nothing on this website is intended to be taken as medical advise. We are not physicians. We do not claim to be physicians. We do not sell products intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. The FDA has not reviewed or approved any statements made on this website. Any use  made of colloidal silver by any person reading this website is presumed to be the sole responsibility of the end user.

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