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We are retailers of Colloidal Silver Generation Equipment. We believe that the information we provide and the equipment we sell can help you to improve the quality of life for yourself and your family . That is our goal.  


Written guides to help You overcome the Health Challenges of our age.

Information that enables you to get healthy and stay healthy.

The essential task of every truth seeker is: "to balance credulity and skepticism equally, impossible without the trait of intense humility in the presence of an unknowable universe" (Carl Sagan "The Burden of Skepticism").

In the hands of clear thinkers, reality will reveal itself


Bioterrorism Secrets For Survival, by Duncan Long ... 2003 "Quality Press" Edition

The classic biological warfare survival manual, written by military expert Duncan Long, puts the risks and methods of "beating the odds" in practical terms.  Click on the thumbnail for more detailed information.

  Bio-Terrorism Secrets For Survival $19.95


Virus, Mycoplasma and USP Colloidal Silver Report,

by Dr. Robert Scott with additions and editorial comments by Scott Clayton

This is a "Must Read" for anyone suffering from Mycoplasmal Infection or Mycoplasmal related Illness. It is written for the lay reader, yet contains enough in-depth analysis, and valid reference material to provide informational assistance to the medical professional. Click on the thumbnail above for more information. (This book is "Part 1" of the "Silver Bullet Wellness series")


Quantity:       Virus & Mycoplasma Report $7.00

Taking Advantage of Colloidal Silver's Healing Properties ... A Silver Bullet Publication by Scott Clayton


  This document contains the  information an individual needs to take advantage of colloidal silver's beneficial properties while avoiding  known pitfalls. The document contains actual examples of successful uses, together with an explanation of the principals an individual can apply to his or her specific need. For more detail, click on the thumbnail. (This book is "Part 2" of the "Silver Bullet Wellness series")


    Taking Advantage Of Colloidal Silver's Healing Properties   $9.95

Silver Bullet Enterprises' Wellness Series, Parts 1 & 2

This book is a combination of  the Virus, Mycoplasma and USP Colloidal Silver Report, and Taking Advantage of Colloidal Silver's Healing Properties, in a single comb bound volume. It contains vital information regarding the diagnosis of  mycoplasmal links to common degenerative diseases, and the beneficial uses of colloidal silver relating to these diseases. We have combined these books in a single volume, because even though they are separate "stand alone" works, they impart invaluable notions relating to health and well being when read together.

This volume, in terms of the useful information it contains, is competitive with, and in many ways superior to, "Manuals" sold elsewhere for 5 times the price.

Silver Bullet Enterprises' Wellness Series, Parts 1 & 2, only $16.95 plus S&H




"Get Healthy Stay Healthy" Info Pak ... All  three of the above documents in a money saving package.   A $36.90 value for only $29.50 +s&h



Quantity: Bio- terrorism, Virus Mycoplasma & USP Colloidal Silver, Taking Advantage ... "Get Healthy Stay Healthy Info Pack" combination .... $29.50 + s&h




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