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Fighting the Flu with or without outside help ... go here


We have serious doubts concerning the actual threat presented to humans by the "avian flu virus" !

There is, however, some speculation that the virus has mutated and is becoming more virulent. If this information is correct ("if" is the big word), Avian Flu may become a meaningful threat to society in general.

At present, if you follow the chain of events listed below, you will find that most cases, of Avian flu in humans are the result of human/bird interaction.

The flu appears to be passed from birds to people via "aerosolized bird excrement" ... that is, the birds cough, sneeze, or poop (poop dries and becomes bird poop dust), which carries the virus to the human. OR, humans interact directly with infected birds, and become infected.

The virus does not appear to maintain it's virulence when it mutates (naturally) to sustain human to human transmission.

We do not "rule out" other possibilities, we just note that, AT PRESENT, the threat level appears  low.

Further, all (national and international) government agencies "hyping" the threat, either depend on a threat (of some sort) for funding, or have "political friends" who stand to make a fortune by "protecting us from the threat" ... Think Don Rumsfeld!

As for lowering your personal exposure to the "threat",

  1. Colloidal Silver ... nano particle size, appears to provide rapid relief from most forms of the flu ... though it has not been tested on H5N1

  2. Since the Flu is a respiratory ailment, caused by a virus, AND since colloidal silver is known to kill most pathogenic viruses, on contact, it stands to reason that colloidal silver, nebulized and inhaled, should kill the avian flu virus, even in your lungs. (this statement is informed speculation, not to be taken as a proven fact)

  3. Commercial "anti-virals" DO NOT APPEAR TO BE EFFECTIVE AGAINST H5N1. This appears to be the fact because the H5N1 virus mutates rapidly to become immune to those preparations.

  4. If a "Pandemic Event" occurs, plan on helping yourself and those you love...DON'T COUNT ON THE GOVERNMENT ... there is no evidence they will manage such a problem any better than they managed "Katrina". (Pray you don't get "locked in a sports arena" with 10,000 other people, inadequate sanitation, food, water, and a total lack of order! ... For your "own good", of course!)


Editor's Comment

The Avian Bird Flu does not currently appear to sustain human to human transmission very well. At present it is transmitted, bird to bird, and bird to human through direct contact and by contact with bird excrement, generally aerosolized (in the form of airborne droplets or dust). H5N1 can also be contracted by ingestion (eating) the flesh of infected birds, particularly if they are not well cooked. Based on the above information, I also assume that a person preparing an infected bird for market or culinary purposes would also be at risk.

This is not to be taken to mean that sustained person to person transmission WILL NOT HAPPEN, Just that it has not happened yet.

Commercial anti-virals have some beneficial effect on the flu, HOWEVER, THE FLU RAPIDLY MUTATES TO NEGATE THIS EFFECT!

Additionally, there are some allegations of Tamiflu (the anti-viral the US Govt. is pushing) being involved (in a cause and effect fashion) in the deaths of 12 Japanese children. THE US FDA vehemently denies any validity of these allegations! (go here for more information) ...NOTE: Donald Rumsfeld, US Secretary of Defense, is reputedly a major stockholder in Roche Pharmaceuticals,  the Company that owns the "Tamiflu" patent.


For the January 19, 2006 "Asia News" article, referencing  the "Lancet" , and claiming  "There is no credible evidence that Tamiflu works against the H5N1virus". go here.

For my recommendations, go here.

The following article, copied out of the Denver Post, provides some insight as to what none of us actually know, and why not!


Dynamic Map of H5N1 Occurrences (Link to

World Health Organization Director, General Lee Jong-Wook opened the 58th World Health Assembly  by saying avian influenza is the most serious health threat facing the world. "The timing cannot be predicted, but rapid international spread is certain once the pandemic virus appears," Lee said. "This is a grave danger for all people in all countries." Lee strongly advised leaders of every nation to implement, as a top priority, systems for responding to the onset of the virus. (Wed, 25 May 2005)


Avian Flu ... Progression & Updates

Nobody needs or wants the "Flu", and avian influenza is not a "normal" strain of the flu. As a comparison, the flu pandemic of 1918 was roughly 2.5% fatal, in the United States...Worse elsewhere. In fact, the flu pandemic of 1918 killed more people, worldwide, than any of the other "Great Plagues". (stanford)

According to the CDC and WHO "As of May 19, 2005, there have been 97 human cases of avian influenza A (H5N1) in Vietnam (76), Thailand (17), and Cambodia (4) resulting in 53 deaths." That's 54% fatal, or more than 10 times as bad as the 1918 flu, often called the worst "killer plague" in history.

Avian influenza A (H5N1) has a record of person to person transmission, with rapid and devastating results. "The index patient became ill three to four days after her last exposure to dying household chickens. Her mother came from a distant city to care for her in the hospital, had no recognized exposure to poultry, and died from pneumonia after providing 16 to 18 hours of unprotected nursing care. The aunt also provided unprotected nursing care; she had fever five days after the mother first had fever, followed by pneumonia seven days later." NEJM, Jan 05

"The avian influenza A (H5N1) epizootic outbreak in Asia is not expected to diminish significantly in the short term."(CDC)   "New figures from authorities in China show that an outbreak of the deadly bird flu in the west of the country is five times bigger than originally thought." (May 28, 2005 ABC News Online)

"If these H5N1 viruses gain the ability for efficient and sustained transmission between humans, there is little preexisting natural immunity to H5N1 infection in the human population, and an influenza pandemic could result, with high rates of illness and death. In addition, genetic sequencing of influenza A (H5N1) virus samples from human cases in Vietnam and Thailand shows resistance to the antiviral medications amantadine and rimantadine, two of the medications commonly used for treatment of influenza." CDC

As a measure of how virulent H5N1 is thought to be, the CDC in its opening statement regarding test procedures states "Highly pathogenic avian influenza A (H5N1) is classified as a select agent and must be worked with under Biosafety Level (BSL) 3+ laboratory conditions." This includes controlled access double door entry with change room and shower, use of respirators, decontamination of all wastes, and showering out of all personnel. {Enhanced U.S. Surveillance, Diagnostic Evaluation, and Infection Control Precautions for Avian Influenza A (H5N1)}


June 08, 05...The Ministry of Health in Viet Nam has confirmed 3 more human infections of H5N1 "Avian Flu".

Aug 04, 05 ... Lucy Sherriff  "The Register UK", In the Novosibirsk region, where the virus has claimed nearly 3,000 head of domestic poultry, farmers have already begun slaughtering birds ~ ...the bird-flu virus can be passed from bird to human, but in Russia no cases of human infection have been officially registered.

Aug 5, 05 ... Dmitry Solovyov and Aleksandras Budrys (Reuters) ALMATY/MOSCOW  Bird flu has been officially confirmed in two more Russian regions, and the disease may also be spreading in Northern Kazakhstan, officials said on  Friday. As yet, no human infections are reported.

Aug 05, 05 ... WHO Cumulative # of H5N1 Human cases since Jan 01, 04  ... [112]  Deaths [57] that's 50.89% of the afflicted who are dying.

Aug 06, 05 ... Recombinomics (quoting "BOXUN"  A Chinese news source) claims that hundreds of Chinese, in excess of formally reported numbers, are dead, and is speculating that "a viral component such as H5N1 bird flu and a recombinant Ebola is responsible for the high case fatality rate and rapid spread to humans." I can't tell if these guys actually have the "true story" or not. They do appear to be on the verge of a panic attack ... Scott

Aug 08, 05 Patricia Doyle, PhD, We have time now to prepare for a pandemic and I think the western nations better put all of their resources into preparations. The mutant virus or viruses are not wasting any time and are spreading and killing as we speak. (Writing about an H5N1 outbreak in China last week)

Aug 08, 05  OSELTAMIVIR (Tamiflu(tm)) is a drug used to treat infections caused by two of the most common flu viruses. Oseltamivir may decrease the length of time you experience symptoms of the flu by 1-2 days. Oseltamivir may also help to reduce the risk of spreading the flu to others. Generic oseltamivir capsules are not yet available. CURRENTLY $69 OVER THE INTERNET  (10 tabs) plus $19.95 processing fee for a total of $88.95 [shipping is free(?)] ... conventional anti-virals are getting pricey!! ... for less than the cost of enough Oseltamivir to treat 5 people you can buy a "top of the line" CS generator and make enough nano-particle CS to treat your entire neighborhood ... which may decrease the length of time you experience flu symptoms and may also help to reduce the risk of spreading the flu to others.


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Aug 08, 05  Mongolia ..."80 migratory birds were found dead in a lake, killed by an avian influenza virus ~ ...Laboratory diagnosis yesterday of the wild ducks, geese and swans that were found on Aug. 2 has confirmed they died from 'A'-type bird flu." Blomberg

Aug 08, 05, Associated Press The US Government has already bought 2 million doses of a French Vaccine for Avian Flu, and may purchase more ..."Preliminary data from the first 115 of the initial tests on 450 healthy adults showed an immune response that scientists believe is strong enough to protect against the avian influenza that's spreading among birds in Asia and Russia." ... According to Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases "Additional tests of the vaccine are being conducted on the elderly and children". (I wonder about "informed consent"...if there was any consent at all.)

August 10, 2005. Issue 3227. Page 3., The Moscow Times "There were also fears among veterinary officials that migrating birds could take the virus to other countries." "It's possible that they have already spread it," Yevgeny Nepoklonov, a senior veterinary official, told Interfax. "They fly not only over Siberia but also along the far eastern coast on to the United States. Some birds fly along the Kazakh border from Novosibirsk water reservoirs and then on to Volgograd."

Aug 12, 05 , The Moscow Times.Com "A bird flu outbreak has expanded in Siberia and spread to Mongolia on Wednesday, and Kazakhstan confirmed a fowl virus found in the Central Asian state could kill humans." There are no dead human H5N1 flu victims in Mongolia as of this report, but 1 journalist, Mary Pashkova, has been  hospitalized with bird flu symptoms in Novosibirsk.

8/12/05 This deadly virus is making its' way across Asia (map-link), moving through parts of the old "Soviet Union" toward Europe. Reports from various news organizations, in the afflicted regions make it appear that the virus is cross-breeding with other pathogens, gaining virulence and infecting a growing number of vertibrate species. Infected species now include birds (chickens, ducks, geese, other wild [migratory] and domestic birds), pigs and humans who have come in contact with the infected animals. Check the updates to follow the story ... read the news reports for yourself.

Aug 15, 05 , Migratory Birds appear to have brought H5N1 to Chelyabinsk region of the Ural mountains, Russia :BBC NEWS

Aug 16, 05, Moving ahead of the normal migratory flight path, dead birds have now appeared at a farm in Kalmykia, on the Caspian Sea. This rapid and wide-spread phemonenom is percieved to signal an increased risk of genetic recombination and an improved ability for human to human transmission.

Aug 22, 05, "European farmers on Monday began taking action to prevent the spread of a deadly strain of bird flu from Asia, amid fears it could devastate the poultry sector and infect humans." Financial Times

Aug 28, 05, ... A Boxun report indicates that Avian Flu is present in Bulgaria, and "The birds migrating from the Urals are expected to move into the Caspian, Black, and Mediteranian Sea areas, including northern Africa"(map) ... Dr. Henry L. Niman, PhD, reports A dead seagull in Finland, infected with H5N, confirms the spread of Avian Bird Flu to that  region ... The Sunday Times - UK  ... Less than 2% of British subjects will be protected from Avian Flu, but that 2% includes "Workers at the BBC and prominent politicians" ...

Sept 10, 05  An Indonesian male, of undisclosed age, died on Sept 10, 05 within 20 minutes of his transfer to an infectious disease hospital. This is both it alludes to the rapid nature of disease progression ... and somewhat heartening because the same report concludes that many people with H5N1 and mild symptoms are never reported as H5N1 victims. Actual death rates (as a percentage of infected individuals)  may be lower than reported in humans. recombinomics

October 06, 05 According to "" Thomas Tsang Ho-fai, consultant at the Centre for Health Protection asserts that up to 1 million residents of Hong Kong may contract the Avian Bird Flu (H5N1) a disease with historical death rates approaching 55%. Man made anti-virals, such as "Tamiflu" are expected to be ineffective “because the virus can easily develop resistance with widespread use of the drugs.”  Regarding a WORLDWIDE FLU PANDEMIC, Hong Kong Secretary for Health, Welfare and Food, York Chow Yat-ngok said the pandemic might mean that “the whole world will collapse”. Here in the US, our government is preparing for "Quarintines", closing schools and imposing restrictions on travel and the movement of goods.

October 11, 05  According to Media Corp News, "US scientists warn that a drug-resistant Avian flu strain could arise with unrestrained and improper use of available drugs. The warning came as governments around the world are stockpiling antiviral drugs and the H5N1 avian flu strain threatens to break out into a flu pandemic."

October 13, 05   Swine Deaths, at least seven in Ceamulia de Jos , Romania (where H5 wild bird flu was found) over the last three days is a cause for some concern.  Nurse Umayani, a health care worker in the ICU of the main infectious disease hospital in Jakarta is being treated for bird flu symptoms.  The ICU at the facility is full and new transfers are dying within minutes or hours of arrival. Map link for flu in Jakarta ... October 05.

October 13, 05  Dr.Henry Niman, commenting to "The Dallas Morning News" on the recently developed H5N1 Flu vaccine  "That vaccine is far too weak. We can't possibly make enough to inoculate more than a tiny percentage of the population. Plus, the virus is changing very fast as it moves. The vaccine was developed from the Vietnamese strain, but the version of H5N1 in China and Russia is quite a bit different."

October 14, 05  According to Reuters news agency, EU Health and Consumer Protection chief Markos Kyprianou asserts that Turkey has the type of bird flu dangerous to humans, and European authorities are working on the assumption that cases discovered in Romania are of the same strain ~ His comments were the first official confirmation that the potentially lethal virus, which has killed more than 60 people in Asia since 2003, has now reached southeastern Europe.

October 14, 05 ... Nakhon Pathom, Thailand ... Bad news/Good News ... Bad "At least six people were suspected yesterday of having bird-flu" ...Good ... all appear to have been in direct contact with birds before they fell ill, meaning that this does not appear to involve a case of human to human H5N1 transmission. recombinomics

October 25, 05 A ban on the import of all captive birds from around the world plus a ban on all bird fairs, exhibitions and shows, and warnings to avoid raw eggs and cook poultry thoroughly are intended to protect Britain and Europe from the deadly avian flu virus.  
Signs of the virus were found yesterday [24 Oct 2005] in 2 dead migratory birds at a lake in Neuwied in Germany, although the bodies of another 23 birds found at the same location did not contain any traces. The Times - UK

October 25, 05 ... In an odd twist, the first case of the deadly avian flu virus found in Britain occurred in "Little Warley, Essex", across the street from the abattoir that reported the first case of foot-and-mouth disease in the 2001 outbreak. (more) Meanwhile, the French, amid signs that H5N1 avian influenza, essentially a poultry virus which can be fatal to humans, ordered chickens, geese and ducks farmed in more than one fifth of the country to be kept inside, other domestic poultry are to be fed inside, and markets, fairs and displays featuring wild birds are suspended.  Reuters


October 28, 05 ...Chinese health officials denied bird flu as the cause of death of a girl in Hunan province recently, and say she died of pneumonia. Officials say there are no cases of human infection from bird flu in the country. Officials also claim they are able to handle any outbreak of the disease. Voa News

October 29, 05 Veterinary authorities in Erbil have confirmed the first case of avian flu in Iraqi Kurdistan, near the border with Turkey. This appears to indicate H5N1 has arrived in the Middle East near Irbil. recombinomics
November 15, 2005 ... 30 Black Cormorants in "Gao Giong" bird sanctuary in Vietnam's southern Dong Thap province have suddenly died recently. In response,  the local authorities have closed all wild bird eco-tourism sites (including Tram Chim national park, the Stork Garden of My An, and the 2 eco-tourism sites of Gao Giong and Xeo Quyt), to prevent potential bird flu spread to humans as well as protect the birds.
Since 1 Oct 2005, bird flu has been detected in 85 communes in 14 localities, killing and leading to the forced culling of nearly 440 000 fowl, according to Vietnam's Veterinary Department. The  Vietnamese government has ceased importation of all kinds of poultry including ornamental birds and related products, from "bird flu stricken countries" that have not undergone temperature or chemical treatment.
From: Martin Gilbert MRCVS, BVMS ,Field Veterinarian, Field Veterinary Program, Wildlife Conservation Society - Cambodia
November 15, 2005 ... Xianghai National Nature Reserve, the home of 253 kinds of rare birds, including some 60 red-crowned cranes and a major habitat of migratory birds in north east China's Jilin Province, has closed off all of its scenic spots to prevent tourists from avian borne diseases. map Additionally, he birds living in the reserve [wild birds, or domestic birds maintained within the reserve] have been injected with anti-bird flu vaccines. People's Daily
November 19, 2005 As part of the attempt to control a growing outbreak of the H5N1 avian influenza,  "The United Nations is to set up a bird flu early warning system to alert countries of incoming migratory birds that could be carrying the deadly virus. The system, which will take one to two years to become operational, will provide precise details of the types of wild birds, arrival times and destinations" Radio  Newzealand.

November 19, 2005 Asia-Pacific countries, including China and three others hard hit by bird flu, pledged Saturday to be open about disclosing bird flu outbreaks, and announced plans to hold a simulation exercise next year as a   preparedness test for a human pandemic. Daily News Central .

November 19, 2005 Australia committed 100 million dollars to fight the Avian Bird Flu. The funds are to be released over the next four years ... split between projects with individual nations and support for co-ordinating bodies.

November 20, 2005  OTTAWA -- The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has discovered the H5N1 avian flu in two Manitoba birds, but officials were quick to point out it's not the same as the deadly strain causing concern in Asia. (second source)



Dealing with Avian (H5N1) Bird Flu

To acquire your own source of nano-particle colloidal silver, AT A GREAT PRICE (anecdotal evidence ...not the FDA ... indicates that it should be effective against the flu) go here.

What to Expect from Your Government When the Flu turns into a "Pandemic"

If history is a guide, there is no reason to believe the government is going to protect average people, like you and I, from a pandemic or its' consequences...Just think about the government's reaction to the "anthrax scare". The president and his staff were taking "cipro" for weeks prior to the appearance of anthrax (as a precautionary measure), while average people found it unavailable. The FDA & FTC  prosecuted or threatened to prosecute anyone for selling colloidal silver as a "cure" for anthrax, even though Colloidal Silver has a historical record of  successful use against anthrax by physicians and veterinarians dating back to 1867. ... By my count that's over 130 years! (I am not making claims of effiacy, just stating facts).

Even worse, is the way the government "protects" citizens during periods of natural disaster. Just think of the inept way FEMA responded (and is still responding) to the victims of Hurricane Katrina, and the measures they will use to cover their mistakes.

FEMA Turned Away:

Civillian boaters, Doctors, Wal Mart Trucks, Red Cross disaster workers (initially) First Responders (from unaffected districts...of all sorts), Helicopters, German Military transport loaded with aid, Cuban nationals (doctors and rescue professionals), Canadian Rescue workers ... ALL WILLING, ABLE, AND AVAILABLE TO HELP THE SURVIVORS TRAPPED IN NEW ORLEANS!


Iran...1 Billion Dollars cash

Venezuela ... Thousands of barrels of oil

Cuba ... Rescue workers, Doctors, Medical supplies, Etc.

Australia ... An Australian business man offered "free packaged homes" to be shipped directly to New Orleans as replacements for homes that had been destroyed.

If this is the way the "Government" deals with disaster, what can you and I expect in our "hour of need"?

I personally advocate "watchful awareness" and self protection.

For generic flu information and prevention tactics, go here.

To acquire your own source of nano-particle colloidal silver ... not subject to shortages or the whims of government regulators ... AT A GREAT PRICE (anecdotal evidence ...not the FDA ... indicates that it should be effective against the flu) go here.

Conventional Flu Prevention and Treatment

Vaccination is the most common form of "conventional flu prevention" . The problems with vaccination ...especially relating to H5N1, appear to include:

Treatment with Anti-Viral compounds for Symptom Remediation and to PREVENT INFECTION

There are three types of conventional anti-virals that appear to have a degree of effectiveness against H5N1.

These anti-virals can be taken as a "preventative measure" and/or to alleviate the severity of a case of the flu. The problem is that viruses rapidly mutate to become immune to all of them, requiring continually higher dosages for continued effiacy. Further, once an anti-viral immune strain of the flu enters the general population of victims (or carriers), the beneficial characteristics of the anti-viral disappear. (note: no record exists of a  virus or bacteria that has  demonstrated the ability to mutate and become immune to silver. This doesn't mean that it cannot happen, just that there is no record of such an occurrence!)


We are not licensed Medical Professionals. We endeavor to provide accurate and useful information BUT we do not guarantee the accuracy of information on this site or any site to which we have linked. We specifically deny all liability for the use of any information on this site. We strongly recommend consultation with licensed professionals prior to beginning, ending or changing the course of treatment for any medical condition.

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