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The Flu

General Information



24 HR. Flu

Influenza, or flu, is a respiratory infection caused by one or more of a variety of Influenza viruses.

Influenza outbreaks usually occur mainly in the late fall and winter (CDC monitors flu cases from October until May). The disease spreads rapidly through communities, usually peaking within about 3 weeks of the initial outbreak and subsiding three to four weeks following the peak.

Up to half the population in any given community may be affected, with the greatest concentration afflicting families with school age children.

Due to close physical contact, school children tend to "pass the "flu" around. This results in an average of one-third of their family members becoming infected each year.

The "flu" is transmitted, person to person, by physical contact, or by contact with droplets emitted from sneezes or coughs鴨er directly (when they land on you) or indirectly after they have landed on door knobs, telephones, or other exposed surfaces. (Sterilizing the door knobs, counter tops, hand railings, telephones, etc. is a good way to reduce your exposure to the flu virus.)

Your "mucus" membranes (nose, eyes, mouth and throat) are the most susceptible part of your body, as far as influenza infection is concerned. Common infection paths include touching a contaminated surface (door knob, railing, etc.) with the hand, and then transferring the virus to one of the mucus membranes (nose, eyes, mouth) by touch.

The number of people you are close to, and the degree of closeness, has a great deal to do with your risk of getting the flu. (Hermits probably don৥t the flu楮 if they do, who would know?)

The flu virus has an "incubation period" (time from infection to the onset of symptoms) of about 4 daysﭥ strains incubate faster, but 4 days is common. The 24 hr "Flu", and "Stomach Flu" are not really influenza related conditions and usually respond well to treatment for "food poisoning"㥥 Gastro intestinal distress, belowﰾ

The "infectious period" is commonly about 8 days, and includes the "incubation period". Prior to the onset of symptoms "The Flu" is a gift you can share without even knowing you have it.

Flu symptoms include:

Gastro intestinal distressﭩting, etc襮 not accompanied by other symptoms of the "Flu" is usually food poisoning. This condition is often called the "24 Hr. Flu". (24 hr flu ... see salmonella) Colloidal Silver, 5 to 20 ppm, taken in 1 oz. doses, hourly, typically relieves the symptoms of bacterial food poisoning caused by bacterial infection (Often Called the Stomach Flu) within 2 to 4 hrs .This method not approved by the FDA

Colloidal Silver will not have any appreciable beneficial effect on persons who have ingested toxic or chemically poisoned food.

 In the event you suspect the ingestion of toxic or poisoned substances (drug or alcohol overdose), call 911 IMMEDIATELY and avail yourself of the services of medical professionals.

The flu may cause complications which are actually more dangerous than the "flu " itself.

These may include:


Other complications of the Influenza specific to children include:


Conventional medicine typically does little to treat a flu victim except for making an effort to ease the worst symptoms. Bed rest, aspirin (for pain), and fluids are the usual recommendations.

If and when the problem worsens or becomes "complicated" with pneumonia (an inflammation of the lungs caused by an infection), conventional medical treatment will escalate to hospitilization or a sophisticated drug regimen.

Alternative treatments may include vitamins, minerals and dietary supplementation. These treatments work well for some, not so well for others.

We hear from our customers that 4 oz. of USP Colloidal Silver, taken three times daily frequently leads to a resolution of the Flu symptoms within 24 hours. We believe what they have told us, simply because their reports mirror our own experience. This method not approved by the FDA

We also hear that USP Colloidal Silver will help to rapidly resolve Pneumonia, which makes sense. However, we have no personal experience with this phenomenon as we have not allowed an infectious condition to progress to that state. This method not approved by the FDA 


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