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Personal Responsibility for Your own Good Health


How to Avoid the Flu or Minimize it’s Consequences

Protecting yourself from the flu, this year, is more a personal responsibility than at any time in recent history.

The steps you can take to minimise the likelihood that you will get the flu are as follows:

  1. Avoid direct contact with infected people.
  2. Avoid crowds if and when the flu is in full swing in your area.
  3. Wash your hands frequently, and always prior to eating.
  4. Sterilize "points of contact" such as door knobs, railings, telephones, etc. that will be handled by multiple members of your household.
  5. Add Vitamin E & Selenium to your dietary supplements. (Influenza viruses  thrive in "Selenium deficient" hosts….200 mcg selenium per day seems to be sufficient to avoid this situation, though some physicians are recommending 400 mcg as a daily maintenance dose) 
  6. Add 5000 to 10,000 iu of vitamin D to your daily diet consult your physician for doses above the rda... D is made by your skin when your skin is exposed to adequate amounts of UV light ... this just doesn't happen during "flu season" leaving most people vitamin D deficient. (In the 2006 "Flu Season" a relatively small number of people contracted the flu. Utilization of flu vaccinations was also relatively light. Consumption, per capita, of D3 was up, relative to previous flu seasons. Cause & Effect? ... )
  7. Get a small "spray bottle" of Colloidal Silver and spray the back of your throat and mouth (from time to time) when you are around individuals who are coughing or sneezing. Follow the same procedure if you have to fly anywhere or visit a hospital (airplane & hospital air are both notorious for being contaminated with infectious agents). [source of the info] Colloidal Silver appears to kill Influenza virus on contact. The silver residue remaining on your "soft palate" , in a very practical way, provides a surprising amount of protection against flu & cold viruses. [USP II Colloidal Silver Generator Link] This method not approved by the FDA
  8. Model 1109 Link

If you get the "Flu" the following actions will generally help to lessen its’ effects:

  1. Take 4 oz USP Colloidal Silver (nano-particle silver made with the model 1108 or 1109), three times daily until symptoms abate, then continue for ten days. This method not approved by the FDA     Model 1109 CS Generator Link

    2.   Begin taking "Activated Charcoal" capsules with the onset of symptoms. This method not approved by the FDA

  1. Take time off of work to rest & recuperate…four days will usually see you past the infectious stage so that you do not give it to your co-workers.
  2. Make plans to treat infected family members…you were infectious for three to four days before you even showed symptoms.
  3. Take aspirin for pain…unless you are younger than 18 years old…acetominophen is a better plan for children as it is not associated with "Ryes Syndrome".
  4. Enjoy some "Hot Chicken Soup"…Jewish Penicillin (as my childhood friends called it) really does appear to help the problem....(published research) (a chicken soup recipe)
  5. Herbal preparations such as echinacea, "sambucol" zinc losenges, vitamin "C" all seem to provide a degree of relief, but none, in our experience, equals the USP cs.

In many cases, bed rest, aspirin, fluids (hot chicken soup) are what a Doctor will prescribe. (Absent complications, a Dr. visit may be unnecessary, unless it is required by your employer…make sure this base is covered…risking your job to save the cost of a Dr. visit is silly…if you do see your physician, get his instructions in writing…for employment purposes.)

However, if you experience complications, such as pneumonia, see your physician as soon as possible and insist that the complicating condition is treated promptly. Untreated pneumonia can be life threatening and may not resolve itself without professional assistance.

Pneumonia, according to " is an infection of one or both lungs which is usually caused by a bacteria, virus, or fungus. Prior to the discovery of antibiotics, one third of all people who developed pneumonia subsequently died from the infection. Currently, over 3 million people develop pneumonia each year in the United States. Over a half a million of these people are admitted to a hospital for treatment. Although most of these people recover, approximately five percent will die from pneumonia. Pneumonia is the sixth leading cause of death in the United States."

Anti-biotics do not have any appreciable effect on the Influenza virus, and taking them for the flu is an unproductive activity.


Nutrition and the Flu

the logic behind Vitamin D supplementation


Actually, we are somewhat surprised by the "Flu Season"

Previous years have been extremely mild as more and more average people are becoming informed consumers ... supplementing their diets with vitamin D3, taking colloidal silver as a daily supplement, exercising, drinking pure or purified water, rejecting artificial sweeteners, and reducing their sick days. This means they are also spending less on physicians and pharmaceuticals.  (Many of our customers who also use colloidal silver to alleviate problems related to the flu and other pathogens are claiming not to have any flu symptoms. My wife, who works for a school district, is surrounded by people with the flu and shows no symptoms at all. But, it is always better to avoid a problem than fix one.)

  Many of our regular customers even claim they don't need or want a flu shot. (Hey, wait a minute ... aren't the drug companies entitled to the revenue from a vaccine sale to everybody?)

Apparently the cost of the flu shot is greater than the price of a daily 5000 iu vitamin D3 capsule, and the D3 appears to yield other health benefits as well. ( Having nano-particle colloidal silver readily available may also be a factor in our customers' decision making process! )

(note:  I have not had a flu shot in years, nor is the flu a problem for me. I am over 65, which makes me "high risk" for the flu.)

Vitamin D is produced by your skin when the skin is exposed to a sufficient amount of UVB (ultraviolet light B).  UVB is notably lacking from sunlight during winter months everywhere but the tropics. (The "flu season")

Our current aversion to Sun Exposure, combined with the fact that sunscreen blocks UVB has led to an international epidemic of Vitamin D shortage.

Recent studies indicate that the daily consumption of 1200 IU of D3 (a relatively low dosage), combined with 1000 MG of Calcium may produce a 77% reduction in the risk of developing any form of cancer. (Creighton Study Link)

Another Study, Titled "Randomized trial of vitamin D supplementation to prevent seasonal influenza A in Schoolchildren" indicates that a 42% reduction of influenza cases was achieved with D3 supplementation at the relatively low rate of 1200 IU per day.

Many physicians are currently advocating Vitamin D supplementation in the 5000 to 12000 iu range, for adults. Some homeopathic physicians are advocating ... short term supplementation ... of 1000 iu per pound of body weight when a person has the flu.

Additionally, the D3 CONTAINS NO MERCURY. MOST FLU SHOTS USE MERCURY AS A PRESERVATIVE which is plausibly  (but not definitively) linked to numerous neuro degenerative diseases.

NOTE: When Vitamin D3 is combined with DCP ... di calcium phosphate ... it becomes insoluble in stomach acid ... worthless to your body!

Every year, when the sun passes to the south and our bodies make little or no vitamin "D", ... " colds" become "Flu " and the "FDA" / "CDC" Hysteria / Propaganda Machine cranks up to instill fear in our hearts and place "Flu Vaccine" in our bodies.


Make no mistake, the flu is a nasty bug, and should be avoided.  However, a reasonable person bases his/her actions on FACTS, not FEAR.




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