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The Cause...A working Theory... Correcting the Problem

Common dietary supplement amounts: 160# person

Diabetes can be fairly defined as a condition which impairs your body's ability to adequately control the level of blood sugar.

There are two types of diabetes:

Type 1 diabetes, or insulin-dependent diabetes…usually first diagnosed in children, teenagers or young adults. (diagnosis frequently follows, by three to six weeks, the administration of a vaccination) In Type 1 diabetes, the pancreas does not make insulin, or stops making insulin, apparently due to damaged beta cells. (note: Vaccination is a process of injecting toxins…dead or near dead viruses, bacteria, partial dna strings and preservatives often containing mercury and or aluminum… into the body to stimulate an immune response…Many "alternative" physicians are opposed to this practice due to the risk of such horrific "side effects" as MS, AUTISM, and DIABETES to name a few. The FDA, CDC, and AMA wholeheartedly support vaccination programs, and staunchly defend the use of thimerosol (a mercury compound) as a "harmless" ingredient.)… Dr. John Classen has published voluminous data showing that the hepatitis B and other vaccines are closely linked to the development of insulin dependent diabetes. "Infectious Diseases in Clinical Practice, October 22, 1997".

Type 2 diabetes, or non-insulin-dependent diabetes , is the most common form of diabetes. Type 2 diabetes can develop in anyone at any age, and consists of a situation where a person's body makes insufficient amounts of insulin or fails to utilize the insulin that is produced due to "insulin resistance".

Diabetes, in either form is generally recognized as an "immune deficiency" disease.

Immune Deficiencies are frequently related to viral or bacterial attacks on your body…a factor almost universally ignored by the medical establishment when dealing with diabetes.

The cause of diabetes, depending upon who's information you are referencing, will be :




The complications of diabetes can include: blindness, kidney failure, heart disease, nerve damage, and limb amputation.


Current FDA approved medications can have serious side-effects including nausea, diarrhea, skin rash, weight gain, respiratory infections, liver damage, and headaches.

Clearly there is no universally accepted " Cause for Diabetes" .

Further, and not surprisingly, there is no universally accepted "Cure for Diabetes".

Conventional medical treatment revolves around "managing the symptoms" by controlling diet and exercise, monitoring blood sugar levels, and supplementing insulin in some cases.

Severely damaged peripherals (legs, feet, the odd hand) that are at risk of decay (gangreen) are surgically removed to prevent the (often fatal) spread of bacteria and other toxins through the body.

I cannot "guarantee" that the following plan will prevent or cure diabetes, or even alleviate its' symptoms…I am not a physician…I have not "run this past" the FDA, CDC, EPA or any other member organization of the "US alphabet soup club".

I do have some formal training in engineering and other "hard subjects" requiring the use of "cause and effect logic".

I have completed "Conclusion Jumping 101"…If it looks like a DUCK, walks like a DUCK, quacks, and sits on the water…It's Probably A Duck…"


Diabetes (of both types) appears to be the result of persistent failure of the Liver and Pancreas to perform their specific functions.

I believe this failure is brought on by the "activation" of a dormant pathogen (virus or nano-bacteria) resident within the body of the victim.

The "activation" of the pathogen, is frequently the result of an "impaired or suppressed" immune system.

Treating the Symptoms of Diabetes while addressing the Cause

The liver and pancreas work synergistically to control blood sugar levels.

The liver and kidneys work together to filter and detoxify the blood.

The health of liver, kidneys, and pancreas are inseparable.

Colloidal silver, with particle sizes below 6 nanometers, has demonstrated the ability to alleviate symptoms associated with viral, bacterial and mycoplasmal infections…including, in some cases, many of the problems associated with diabetes. (Dramatic improvement in blood sugar level regulation is not uncommon) This result may be due to the fact that silver acts as a catalyst, de-activating the oxygen transfer mechanism in the enzyme of the outer cell wall of pathogenic bacteria and the exterior shell of pathogenic viruses.

This result may also be due to the fact that silver does not readily combine with mercury, and may actually help to "drive mercury" from the body.

The liver requires an adequate supply of selenium and vitamin e to produce the hormone glutathione. Without glutathione, the liver is unable to function and fails. Glutathione insuffiency is also linked to the formation of cataracts and other vision problems.

Silver and selenium tend to "displace" each other in the body. Consequently, taking silver, and then supplementing with selenium after the silver has had time to clear the stomach, assures the presence of silver, but not the accumulation of silver. (argryia risk is removed or significantly reduced)

Liver Health can be greatly improved with the addition of Silymarin to the diet. Silymarin is an ingredient in Milk Thistle seed and is relatively inexpensive.


The need for supplemental Iodine…

An easy way to see if you are iodine deficient…accurate about 85% of the time (so I read) is : paint a 2" spot of "tincture of Iodine" (from the pharmacy or drug store… tincture of Iodine …no substitutions) on your chest or stomach. If it is gone within 24 hrs, you are deficient. (When I first tried that test, mine went away within 2 hrs).

The iodine is absorbed by your body…move the spot from place to place and you will gradually help to alleviate the deficiency.

This Iodine deficiency can be resolved by adding kelp (seaweed) to the diet (tastes a bit like rotten fish smells) I personally eat about 4 tsp of KELP weekly (Luckily it doesn't seem to affect my breath.)

Iodine supplement tablets are available from your health food store (they cost more than the kelp), and liquid iodine supplements are available by prescription.

NOTE: Iodine in excess can be toxic, consult your physician before adding significantly greater than rda amounts of Iodine to your diet.

Water…drink adequate amounts of water, preferably water not containing fluoride.

Mineral water is fine.

Distilled water can be a problem…until the diabetes is under control, your kidney output can strip your body of needed nutrients and the distilled water makes the situation worse.

Avoid Coke, Pepsi, Etc.

Avoid any type of "diet drink". They nearly all contain aspartame, which is extremely toxic.

Avoid alcohol, at least until you get the Diabetes under control…then only in moderation…Alcohol in excess can ruin your life even if you are not diabetic. (spend the money on something flattering for your spouse…the results can be a lot of fun)

Common dietary supplement amounts: 160# person

Nano-particle (USP) Colloidal Silver…(4ppm, 1/4 to 6 nm particle size)…begin with 4 oz per day, increase gradually to 8oz per day in three divided doses. Continue for 66 days, maintenance dosage of 1oz per day, or as necessary. (expect results within 10 days or less)

Conventional colloidal silver…apply topically to any open sores or wounds that are not healing…USP will work in this application, but conventional cs works better.

Selenium…400 mcg daily, taken long enough before or after taking colloidal silver so that the cs has cleared the stomach. Decrease to 200 mcg after 60 days.

Vitamin E…400 IU daily…natural (d ) form, or "mixed tocopherols". Synthetic vitamin e is a "bad plan".

Silymarin…milk thistle extract…80% silymarin content, or ground milk thistle seed…this can vary widely…1 to 3 grams daily is OK… milk thistle has no "maximum" safe dosage, but some cheap brands contain "preservatives" that are toxic.

Iodine…see above

General Instructions

Diabetes is a serious and potentially fatal condition.


Your course of treatment without consulting your physician.

When you consult your physician about a medical condition, you are "renting" his/her million dollar education.

No one's judgement is better than his/her knowledge of the FACTS…Don't Lie, Don't conceal…Make the Absolute Truth Known to your Physician…Take full advantage of the education that you are paying "rent" on!

Scott Clayton, June 2005

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We are not licensed Medical Professionals. We endeavor to provide accurate and useful information BUT we do not guarantee the accuracy of information on this site or any site to which we have linked. We specifically deny all liability for the use of any information on this site. We strongly recommend consultation with licensed professionals prior to beginning, ending or changing the course of treatment for any medical condition.

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