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We are retailers of Colloidal Silver Generation Equipment. We believe that the information we provide and the equipment we sell can help you to improve the quality of life for yourself and your family . That is our goal.

This is an attractive Cobalt Blue, 2 ounce, glass bottle with an atomizer top.

It is the perfect size for pocket or purse.


Carry the protection of Colloidal Silver with you whenever you go out in public.

Colloidal silver spray is ideal for protecting yourself from colds, flu, and other airborne diseases.

It is also highly effective for disinfecting contact surfaces, such as keyboards, telephones, cups or drinking glasses, door knobs, toilet seats, etc.


Only $3.00 each, plus S&H  This item ships free with the purchase of any generator.

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Using Colloidal Silver Spray to Help Avoid Catching Colds or the Flu

This information has not been reviewed by or approved by the FDA

This information is correct, to the best of our knowledge, but may not be relied upon as scientifically proven fact.

Treating this information as interesting fiction may be a wise course of decide.

During the winter of 1997, I met on several occasions with a gentleman named Dr. Manuel.

Dr. Manuel, a retired Canadian physician, was in his 70's.

At the time I encountered Dr. Manuel, he was traveling the continent as a representative for "Awareness Health Products".

He was spending large amounts of time on airplanes, in airports, and was in contact with people from all over the world.

Flu season was in full swing, but Dr. Manuel appeared totally unaffected by either colds or the flu.

When I asked his secret, he told me that he always carried a small "spray bottle" of colloidal silver with him, using it to spray a minor amount of silver on the back of his throat whenever he was in the presence of people who were coughing, sneezing, or just sickly looking.

He claimed to have not suffered from a cold or the flu for years (undetermined number). Ever since he started utilizing the "colloidal silver sprayer" in that manner.

Dr. Manuel theorized that the colloidal silver residue on his soft palate killed enough of the cold and flu viruses entering his body through airways that his immune system could take care of the rest.

I do not know the current location of Dr. Manuel, and can only accept his analysis and methodology at face value.

This method of Flu Prevention has not been approved by the FDA

Using Colloidal Silver to Disinfect Contact Surfaces

Colloidal silver has demonstrated the ability to kill over 99% of all pathogenic viruses and bacteria  (including cold, flu, swine flu, salmonella, tuberculosis, west nile, etc.)  within 5 minutes of contact. (Faster most of the time)

To take advantage of this characteristic: Just spray some Colloidal Silver on the surface to be disinfected, spread it around with a cloth, tissue or paper towel and allow it to dry.

Not only will the surface be disinfected, the residual silver will continue to inhibit (or completely prevent ... in many cases) the growth of pathogenic viruses or bacteria for hours or even days.

This procedure is handy at home for prevention of Salmonella and other food borne illnesses and at work for prevention of those illnesses spread by personal contact.


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