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Gallon  Batch Colloidal Silver Generator


Part I:

Simple Instructions for Making Your Own Colloidal Silver, Using Your "Big Batch" Home Colloidal Silver Generator...

Note: It is vital that you read these instructions carefully before attempting to make your first batch of colloidal silver! Be extra sure to carefully read the important WARNINGS in Steps #6 and #10, and Tip #8, below.

Your "Big Batch" Home Colloidal Silver Generator Kit contains the following:

Note: To make a high-quality colloidal silver supplement for internal consumption, you MUST use distilled water, available at most large grocery stores for about $1.00 a gallon or less. Keep your distilled water at room temperature. Do not refrigerate.

Step 1.) Fill the 1 oz. dropper bottle up to the bottom of the neck with distilled water.

Step 2.) Crush about 1 teaspoon of sea salt and add it to the water in your 1 oz. dropper bottle. Close the lid and shake well to make sure the sea salt is dissolved in the water. This is your saline solution.

Step 3.) Fill a one gallon-sized glass container with distilled water. (A one gallon-sized glass pickle jar will do nicely -- do not use a metal container as metal will short circuit the silver-making process.) Note: this unit is made to work solely with a one gallon-sized glass container. Smaller containers should not be used.

Step 4.) Use the dropper from your dropper bottle to add two full droppers full (approximately 32 drops) of saline solution into the water in your one gallon-sized glass container.

Step 5.) Make sure that each of your two nine-inch lengths of .999 fine silver rod are slightly bent about one-half inch from the top, so you can hang them over the edge of your one gallon-sized glass container, and into the water. Next, insert each of your silver rods into the water in your glass container so that the bent ends are hooked over the outside edge of the container, and the remaining lengths of silver rod are submerged in the water. Position the two silver rods about one inch apart so that they do not touch each other while dangled in the water.

Step 6.) Plug your "Big Batch" generator in to a standard 110/115 volt household wall outlet. Then, pick up the two alligator clips that are attached to your generator box, and briefly touch them together, watching how brightly the little bulb on the generator box glows. Shocks are highly unlikely in this process. The glowing bulb indicates that you have a good circuit. If the bulb does not glow when you briefly touch the alligator clips together, double check to make sure you have the unit plugged in. If you still cannot get a circuit, unplug your generator and call Silver Bullet Enterprises so we can determine what may be wrong. (WARNING: As with any household appliance that plugs into AC current, there is risk of injury or death by electric shock if you place the plugged-in unit where it can fall or be pulled into an open source of water such as a tub, sink, toilet or other. When plugged in, you should NEVER use this unit near an open source of water. Also, when plugged in do not place your unit where your colloidal silver water can be spilled onto it. If the unit falls into water, or water is spilled on or near it when it is plugged in, unplug it immediately. DO NOT REACH INTO THE WATER. Not for use by children. Warn children of risk of death by electric shock.) NEVER TOUCH ANY WATER PIPE, LINE OR FAUCET WHILE HOLDING ON TO ANY APPLIANCE PLUGGED INTO HOUSEHOLD CURRENT.

Step 7.) Take one alligator clip and attach it to the bent end (on the outside of the jar) of one of the silver rods that you have hooked over the rim of your glass container. Then, attach the second alligator clip to the bent end (on the outside of the jar) of the second silver rod you have hooked over the rim of your glass container. Again, shocks are highly unlikely while attaching your alligator clips to the dry bent ends of the silver rods you have hooked over the outside rim of your glass container. However for extra safety, we recommend that you unplug your colloidal silver generator while taking this step.

Step 8.) Once you have attached the alligator clips to the dry bent ends of the two silver rods on the outside of your glass container (Step 7), and plugged your colloidal silver generator into the power source, the process will begin. IMPORTANT: Be sure you do NOT let the silver rods touch each other while they are in the water. The silver rods should ALWAYS be about one inch apart while dangled in the water. If you allow the silver rods to touch each other, the colloidal silver-making process will stop. Eventually, the crossed rods could short-circuit your unit. So be sure to keep your silver rods separated while you are making colloidal silver. Do not be concerned if the bulb on your generator box only glows dimly, or even not at all during the process. If you watch carefully, you will observe tiny bubbles of hydrogen begin to rise from one silver rod, while an ultra-fine silver mist begins to come off of the other silver rod. That fine silver mist is the result of millions of microscopic silver ions being driven into the water by the electrical charge from the generator. When using a one gallon-sized glass container with properly conductive water at room temperature, each minute of activation should produce a silver colloid of approximately 1 part per million (ppm). Therefore, ten minutes of activation should produce a high-quality working solution of about 10 ppm. Fifteen minutes of activation should produce a high-quality solution of about 15 ppm. And 20 minutes of activation should produce a high-quality working solution of about 20 ppm. 30 minutes should produce about 30 ppm. And one hour of activation should produce about 60 ppm.

Note: When using saline solution to make your colloidal silver, the gallon-sized batches made with the "Big Batch" generator will not always be visually comparable to the 16-ounce batches made with our smaller personal-sized home colloidal silver generators, even if the respective batches are of the same ppm. The gallon-sized batches may appear to be less cloudy than the 16-ounce batches made with our other models, e.g., there will be less visible "silver mist" in the water. This is because of the larger volume of water used with the "Big Batch" generator, and the higher electrical output of the generator (which produces a smaller, less visible particle size range).

Step 9.) Once the generator has run for the desired length of time, (see Step 8 for details on running time), simply unplug it. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR GENERATOR PLUGGED IN AFTER USE.

Step 10.) Once you have unplugged your generator, detach the alligator clips from the silver rods. WARNING: BE ABSOLUTELY SURE THAT YOU HAVE UNPLUGGED YOUR GENERATOR BEFORE TAKING YOUR SILVER RODS OUT OF THE WATER. HANDLING WET SILVER ELECTRODES WHILE THE GENERATOR IS PLUGGED IN CAN RESULT IN A LIGHT (BUT NOTICEABLE) ELECTRICAL SHOCK. Remove your silver rods from the water and dry them with a paper towel. Usually, one of your silver rods will have a dark oxide film on it after the process is over. Be sure to use the small scouring pad provided to clean and polish the darkened rod. It only takes a few seconds.

Step 11.) Use the plastic spoon to briefly stir your colloidal silver solution, evenly distributing the light silver mist throughout the water. (Do not use a metal spoon for this. Metal is conductive, and will neutralize the electrical charge held by the silver ions in the solution you have just made. This will cause the silver ions to fall out of solution, and will vastly decrease the potency of your colloidal silver.)

Step 12.) When you have finished making your first big batch of colloidal silver, add 10 drops of it to the saline solution in your 2 oz. dropper bottle. This will stop fungus growth in your saline solution, and will allow you to store it safely for future use in making more colloidal silver.

How to Make "No Salt" Colloidal Silver With Your "Big Batch" Unit:

Many people like making "no salt" colloidal silver because it can last far longer in storage than colloidal silver made with salt. However, making "no salt" colloidal silver requires a substantially longer activation time. Just follow the simple instructions above, but do not add saline solution to your distilled water.

When making "no salt" colloidal silver, your silver rods MUST be kept parallel, between 1" to no more than 1 1/2" apart in the water, for best results. (1 1/4" apart is best.)

As a general rule-of-thumb, using room temperature distilled water (about 72 degrees) in a one gallon-sized glass container, let your generator run for about two hours to get a concentration of approximately 10 ppm. Then, each one hour longer that you run your unit should produce an additional 10 ppm. In other words, two hours of running time should give you a high quality colloidal silver solution of about 10 ppm...three hours should give you about 20 ppm...four hours should give you about 30 ppm ...five hours should give you about 40 ppm...etc.

Important note: Most people do not realize that when you make colloidal silver without using the saline solution, you usually will not be able to see the colloidal silver ions coming off the silver rods in the form of a silver mist like you can when you use the saline solution as an electrolyte. This is because when there is no saline electrolyte in the water, the microscopic silver ions come off the rods so slowly and in such small numbers that they are generally not visible. Fortunately, there is a simple way to demonstrate that you are producing a colloidal silver solution when you make the "no salt" colloidal silver. You will need one of those little red laser pointers that shine a bright red laser beam — they’re available in many catalogs, and at most office supply stores, for about $24 or less. What you do is this: Take your container full of distilled water into a dark room before you start making colloidal silver in it, and shine the red laser pointer downward into the water (being sure you don’t shine it into your eyes; laser light shined into the eyes can damage your eye sight). You will see that the red beam of the laser pointer will not show up in the distilled water. This is because there are no minerals or other substances in the water for the little beam of red laser light to reflect off of.

Next, make your "no salt" colloidal silver solution in the same container of distilled water, following the instructions above. Once you’ve let the generator run for two hours or more, stir the water with your plastic spoon and then shine the red laser light downward into the water (again, be sure the room is dark so you can see the beam). This time, because there will be millions of microscopic silver ions in the water, you will be able to see the beam of the red laser shining in the water as it reflects off the silver ions. The stronger the concentration of colloidal silver, the brighter the red laser light beam will show up in the water. In science, this is called the Raleigh-Tyndall effect, and it is precisely how researchers make sure the colloidal solutions they have prepared without saline electrolyte indeed have suspended colloids in them.

More important info: You need to be aware that when running your generator for the extended periods of time necessary for making "no salt" colloidal silver, a small amount of silver ions will oxidize on the silver rods and eventually begin forming a blackish gunky-looking material on one or both of the rods. You may even see a lot of this blackish material hanging from one of the silver rods in clumps. This is perfectly normal. It is a part of the colloidal silver-making process. It cannot harm you. If any of the gunky-looking material (oxidized silver) comes off the silver rod while you are making colloidal silver, simply wait until you are through making that batch, and then pour it slowly through a paper coffee filter into another container. The paper coffee filter will trap and remove the oxidized silver particles, and will not alter the potency or concentration of your solution.

Additional Important Tips:

Tip #1: Keep Your Colloidal Silver Out of Bright Light or Direct Sunlight: Colloidal silver is extremely light sensitive. Exposure to light for prolonged periods of time will oxidize the silver, and cause it to turn a murky color and lose potency. Therefore, it is best to make your colloidal silver in a room where you can dim the lights while the silver solution is being produced. Or, simply place a cardboard box over your one gallon-sized container when making colloidal silver, in order to keep the light out.

Tip #2: Where to Get One Gallon-Sized Glass Containers for Making Your Colloidal Silver In. Many discount and drug stores such as Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Target, Walgreen’s, Pic-N’-Save and numerous others sell very inexpensive one gallon-sized glass containers for making "sun tea." These are usually perfect for making your gallon-sized batches of colloidal silver with your "Big Batch" home colloidal silver generator. Or, you car order wide mouth one gallon-sized glass jars (without lids) from Essential Supplies at: 1-800-869-0571, or 1-562-997-9777. (You must order four jars at a time, but at the time of this writing the total cost is under $15, plus s&h.) Additionally, you can find gallon-sized jars of pickles for sale in almost any major supermarket, usually for under $5 apiece. And almost every city has a restaurant supply store where you can find gallon-sized jars of pickles for sale. We recently picked one up for under $5, and gave the pickles away to our neighbors so we could use the jar for making colloidal silver. Later, we found out that our favorite local restaurant would have given us their empty pickle jars free for the asking. Who’d a thunk it! (Be sure to thoroughly clean with warm soapy water any jar that has previously had food stored in it. Then rinse thoroughly before using it to make or store colloidal silver in.) Also, Essential Supplies (see telephone numbers above) carries darkly tinted one gallon-sized glass jars with plastic lids, which you can use for making your colloidal silver as well as storing it. However, when you make colloidal silver in a darkly tinted glass jar, it is very difficult to see the process working because of the dark glass. Still, it is nice to be able to store your colloidal silver in the same jar you made it in!

Tip #3: Where to Get Darkly Tinted Glass Bottles to Store Your Colloidal Silver In. In order to keep light from oxidizing your homemade colloidal silver, you should always store it in opaque or darkly tinted glass bottles, and keep it at room temperature in a dark area such as a cupboard. Darkly tinted glass bottles in sizes ranging from 8 oz., to 16 oz., to 32 oz. can be ordered inexpensively through Industrial Containers at 1-800-748-4250. Or, you can get them from Essential Supplies at 1-800-869-0571 or 1-562-997-9777. (Essential Supplies even has the darkly tinted one gallon-sized jars, so you can make your colloidal silver right in the same jar you store it in if you want to.) If you cannot find darkly tinted glass bottles or jars to store your silver solution in, you can use any clear bottle or jar as long as you tape a piece of brown paper bag around the container to keep the light out. However, tinted glass containers are not that hard to find if you are persistent and use your imagination. For example, tinted glass prune juice bottles from your local supermarket work very well. So do tinted beer or wine bottles (just use a cork or rubber stopper to seal them). Dark glass Ovaltine jars work well, too.

Tip #4: Never store colloidal silver in a metal container. The metal will neutralize the electrical charge held by the silver ions, and ruin the potency of your colloidal silver. If your darkly tinted glass storage bottle or jar has a metal lid, simply lay a piece of plastic sandwich wrap over the mouth of the container before screwing the metal lid on. This will keep your colloidal silver from touching the metal and losing its electrical charge.

Tip #5: Do not use plastic bottles to store your colloidal silver. Many modern plastics are mixed with metals for stability, which can ruin the electrical charge on your silver ions. Besides, most modern plastics tend to attract static electricity very easily. This will cause your ionic silver particles to stick to the sides of the plastic container and lose potency. It is best to always use glass containers for making and storing colloidal silver.

Tip #6: Do not refrigerate. As the colloid solution becomes colder, the movement of the electrified silver ion particles will slow down and fall out of solution, severely diminishing the potency. Always shake the bottle before using your stored colloidal silver to be sure the silver colloid is evenly distributed.

Tip #7: Do not store your colloidal silver near speaker cabinets, television, radio or other strong magnetic fields. Magnetic fields will affect the electrical charge on your silver ions, and diminish potency.

Tip #8: Where to Get Pure Solar Sea Salt. Should you need to purchase more sea salt, you can find it at most health food stores for under $4 per pound. Be sure to use pure sea salt with nothing added (no additives) and nothing removed. A product called "Celtic Sea Salt" is often suggested. Another good product often recommended is De Souza’s Solar Sea Salt. (De Souza’s can be reached at 1-800-373-5171. You can order anywhere from 1 lb. to 20 lbs. of pure solar sea salt from them at very reasonable prices. (Hint: 1 lb. will probably last you a lifetime.)

Tip #9: Where to get additional .9999 pure silver rods: You can purchase additional strands of 14 gauge ultra-pure .9999 fine silver rod direct from the distribution company at the address below. The price is $18 for each 12 inch strand of silver rod. For a limited time only, you can purchase silver rod in bulk at a significant discount: five feet of .9999 pure silver rod for only $79(that’s only $15.80 per foot), or ten feet of .9999 pure silver rod for only $139 (that’s only $13.90 per foot)! Order online using your Visa , Mastercard, and American Express or Just send your check or money order to:


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